Panasonic TV Flickering Screen (Fix it Now)



Panasonic TV Flickering Screen

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TV screen flickering can be a worrisome problem and maybe a stressful and disturbing matter in some cases. The TV screen flickering is a case when the brightness level of your TV changes in a random manner.  This change may happen at gradual intervals or may be rapid over a period of time. 

Before you get worried, read this article from top to bottom and figure out what may cause this problem and how you can fix this hassle in minutes by yourself.

What’s Causing your TV Screen Flickering?

Flickering usually initiates with alteration with image qualities followed by the intermittent bright or dark display without any content being displayed on the screen.

  • One of the most common reasons for a flickering tv screen is a disturbance in the TV’s connecting wires. This is may be due to a failure in the connections of electrical components or a loose power connection.
  • The power circuit that controls the proper voltage level of your TV needs to function substantially to maintain a stable brightness level. A failure in power supplies can lead to dimming and irregular changes in brightness levels. 
  • The external devices connected with your Panasonic tv can sometimes cause flickering. An incorrect image menu setting may also lead to disturbing screens.
  • Failures inside your TV hardware can cause this problem. A consistent flickering can result when it is due to internal connectivity issues. On this note, you should not be worried since this issue is rare when the screen flickering is your only case.
  • TV screens can also flicker when video quality and the source are poor and deficient lighting conditions.

How to fix your Panasonic TV screen flickering?

Turn your TV off and on again:

A simple off and subsequent on can fix a flickering screen in some cases. In such cases, you should Turn your TV off. Unplug the Power Supplying cable of your TV and wait for 5 minutes.

Then, turn on your TV and see if this helped with your problem.

A restart is sometimes what it takes to restore the regular system calibrations of your TV display. However, if the flickering of your TV screen is a regular experience, the ‘off and on’ method may only provide you short lasting solution till the situation worsens.

Hence, try to figure out what’s actually wrong that is causing the flickering to come up with a permanent solution.

Take a look at the Loose cable connections:

One thing you may not regard as a potential inhibitor of a clear display is poor connections of the cables that are attached to your Panasonic TV. In that case, check all the HDMI cables, CD players, Gaming devices and their cables to find out whether they are perfectly connected to your TV. If they are in a damaged state, partially connected, or unplugged completely, they can produce flickering on your TV screen.

It is hard to detect broken or damaged cables when the damage is internal. A damaged cable can easily be identified by unplugging each cable at a time and detecting which cable when disconnected, stops the flicker.

Does the flickering start when you’re trying to play a game or use other devices on your TV? You can pinpoint exactly when the TV screen is troubling you and act upon that. 

If the problem is with the cables, you can try plugging them properly or change the cables when damage is recognized.

Try changing your video source:

Sometimes, the problem may not be with your TV at all but the video source that’s causing the trouble. Some video source may not load sufficiently and thus displays a reduced quality of pictures.

In that case, flickering is not your Panasonic TV’s fault but from the broadcaster. Try changing your video source when the poor source is troubling the screen. If the video source has an issue, complain to your service provider or use a better video source.

Check your internet connections:

A poor internet connection can result in the flickering of your Panasonic TV. Check your Wi-Fi router if it’s functioning properly. Try restarting the router if any deficiency is identified. 

Poor connections can trouble you when the router is far away from the TV. Try changing the position of your router for a better connection that can inhibit flickering screen. 

Check for the Lighting of your room

When we dig deep into the underlying mechanism of how a TV works, it reveals that the picture you see is the result of different filters, electrodes & liquid crystals that constantly flicker to change between the filters which results in color & display changes according to the changing screen. This flickering is so rapid that it’s undetectable in naked eyes like the flipbook animation.

Sometimes, intense lighting can make this flickering perceivable to the naked eyes. In that case, try adjusting the light of your room in accordance with your TV brightness.

Issues with Internal Hardware:

If the above mentioned processes are unable to fix your screen flickering, chances are your Panasonic TV has issues with internal hardwares. In this case, we don’t recommend you to try fixing it yourself. Consult with a trained professional if internal hardware seems the issue.

If you have your TV still under warranty term, the dealer should fix your TV for a small fee. If you open your TV to try fixing the internal hardwares, your warranty claim may not subsist.


Can Electrical Power Interference cause an issue with my TV screen?

The electrical appliances you use in your home or office may interfere with the regularity of function of your TV. Extensive power consuming appliances can affect your TV performance if connected in the same circuit. This becomes evident when the display image suddenly darkens in response to the turning on of another appliance. In such case, try plugging other appliances into a different circuit. You can also consult an electrician if things are complicated to re-orient.

How do I update my smart Panasonic TV to the latest software version?

Your smart TV requires continuous software updating in order for flawless performance. This keeps your TV adjusted with other attributes and can possibly cause screen flickering if not updated regularly.

In order to update your TV, go to settings, look for the update software option, install the latest version and then shut down the TV for five minutes. This will resolve all the software update related inconveniences of your TV.

How do I claim my Panasonic TV warranty?

You can replace your faulty Panasonic TV or can repair it if any complication appears. You will only need to bring your product receipt with the TV to your nearest service center. Some warranty terms and conditions may apply.


Panasonic TVs are well recognized for their quality and durability. In cases of performance deficiency of your TV, don’t get stressed out cause this should be caused by an outside influence. Moreover, don’t try handling the electrical cable and wires if you’re not experienced with it. Try calling an electrician or trained personnel if electrical reorientation is required.

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