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Is vlogging haram

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As a Muslim, I often use a smartphone and other devices along with an internet connection in my day-to-day life. Because blogging and vlogging is my full-time job right now. That’s why I have researched and gathered lots of information about vlogging as haram or halal.

Is vlogging haram in Islam? Recording any unlawful vlogging video to harassing, cursing people, adultery, wearing not acceptable clothes both men and women, lies, dancing to music, eating haram foods, and drinking alcohol. Which are haram according to Islamic guidelines.

But Recording a vlog according to the Muslim law that is spreading correct Islamic knowledge and helping the people is considered a halal video.

Whose religion is Islam and wants to make vlogging videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.

For their sake, in this article, I have included my comments along with the statements of various Islamic scholars. I hope you will read the whole article and get all your questions answered correctly.

Is It Haram To Make Vlogging Video On YouTube?

Making vlogging videos on youtube is not haram. But you have to ensure that your vlogging channel follows Islamic guidelines and rules.

I make videos about how to make money online using various monetization methods. My first choice is selling affiliate products.

But as a Muslim, I’ve to make sure that is not doing any haram and unlawful activities in the eye of Islam.

My youtube ads monetization is turned off. But I’m making a good amount of money by selling other halal products using affiliate marketing. Alhamdulillah.

Is It Halal To Make Money On YouTube?

Dr. Zakir Naik’s son Fariq Zakir Naik shares his opinion about making money on youtube.

He talks about youtube ads are halal or haram and that making Islamic videos on youtube gives you rewards.

Is it Halal to Earn Money by Creating our own YouTube Channel?

How To Make Vlogging Videos? If You Are a Muslim

Vlogging is a very popular thing to do in 2021. You have to find out which vlogging topic you are interested in.

In my opinion, you can make a travel vlogging channel or Daily life videos. But make sure you are not violating any Islamic rules.

This guy name Abu Musa is making videos on youtube. Many Muslim brothers and sisters are making videos on youtube.

He shares his opinion about passive income ideas that are not haram.

5 passive income ideas that are not haram

If you want to know more about recording vlogs and videos on youtube. Here is a podcast about halal passive income ideas that you can start today.

Mr. Halal Money: Making Six-Figures Online, Dropshipping, Online Courses & More

This podcast will inspire you to make vlogging videos or other halal content.

He struggles so much and finally, he started money from a passive income source. You can do it too.

Is It Haram To Be a Female Youtuber and Vlogger?

In Islam, women are the most respectable in our Muslim communities. All Muslim boys and girls are equally entitled.

But one thing we must always remember that is Muslim law and rules are enforced for both of them.

Muslim women can make vlogging videos. But make sure as a Muslim woman, she has to cover her body and wear modest clothes in public.

He has the same right as other people in the world. He has the right to freedom of speech.

Here is an example of a Muslim woman who is giving her speech in the united nation. This proves that every woman has their voice and rights.

Malala Yousafzai addresses United Nations Youth Assembly

There are many women youtuber and vloggers making videos online. Not all of them follow proper Islamic rules and guidelines. But if you wanted to start vlogging a channel. Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines.

Is Being a Makeup Artist On YouTube Haram?

Women love to wear makeup to look more beautiful. But according to Muslim rules if you are a Muslim woman you can not wear makeup in public is haram. Because it indicates that you are excited about other people. But you can wear it at home for her husband.

That’s why being a makeup artist on youtube or wearing makeup while vlogging is considered haram in the light of Islam.

Is YouTube Ads Haram?

There are so many debates about this topic. But according to Muslim rules and guidelines, YouTube is a social media platform.

In youtube, if your channel is very popular and has thousands of subscribers and views you can make money by showing ads. But Here is the debates begin, are those ads promoting unlawful or haram things.

If it is showing haram ads defiantly your money from youtube is considered haram money. But there is an exception if you block those haram ads straight from your ads manager.

Your youtube money will not be considered haram money.

Can You Use Music in Vlogging Videos? As a Muslim Youtuber

Recording a vlogging video is so much fun to do. But as a Muslim vlogger, you must halal music in your videos. Many music companies provide paid and free halal music. All music is not haram.

How To Find Halal Music?

You can find halal music for free on various youtube channels. But I would prefer a paid subscription-based service. Because free music has copyright issues. But paid don’t have this kind of issue.

What Is The Difference Between Haram vs Halal Music?

If you are a Muslim vlogger or YouTuber. You must use halal music. Haram music use piano, guitar, drums, and many other instruments. But Halal music instruments only use daf, gongs, flute, or vocals.

You can not use haram music in your vlogging video. Halal music is very is to find out. Check the video below to know where to find halal music.

Is Music Haram?

Final Words

So vlogging is not haram. But making unlawful videos according to Islamic rules and guidelines is haram. So make sure you must follow the rules. Thank you.

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