How to Find Best Royalty Free Vlogging Music & Sound Effects 2021



How to Find Best Royalty Free Vlogging Music 2021

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Just think vlogs without music. It’s like a vlogger without his camera setups or a Youtuber without a youtube channel. This looks so much unprofessional. Right!

How to find the best royalty-free vlogging music? you can hover over to Envato Elements, Epidemic Sound, or Artlist and Select your choice Genre, Mood, Instrument, Categories, Vocals, Tempo, Length. It really depends on the type of vlogging video.

Because I know you’ve got everything together now or maybe you’re still putting it together and you want to have some cool background music.

Now there are a few different ways that you can go about doing this. Either you can pay for music or you can use free music from the youtube music library.

And also I want to share with you really though in this article, how to get royalty-free music for your vlogging videos on YouTube.

So stay tuned. Let’s go through some examples and things that I have personally used.

This is a youtube channel only for vloggers who are just starting their vlogging journey. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a music library subscription.

You can try this channel to get some awesome music. This channel has more than 18 million subscribers. But there are some rules and caution to use their music in your vlogs.

Now here’s how this works though. So you don’t get in trouble with no copyright sounds.

You go to the channel and find out which music should you use on your video. Alright

Let me think you have picked an awesome song for your video. OK, you can turn that down for now. Check the description of that video you will find out release section.

So if you’re uploading your vlogs to YouTube or Twitch. This is ok. Otherwise, you can’t be using this for anything else though.

What should I do to use their music on my vlogs?

So when you do simply here’s what you have to do. Put in the description the track the music provided by no copyright sounds the video and then free downloads stream.

vlog no copyright music
vlog no copyright music

So basically you just gonna have to copy and paste their youtube video URL in your video description. That way if somebody wants to know what song is being used they can go find no copyright sounds and all that kind of fun stuff.

So if you are a brand or a commercial organization you know you can reach out to them and whatnot. But for you guys and for most people who are just creating vlogs. This is a great way to get some pretty good music.

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If you are a travel vlogger and finding the best travel vlog music for free. This is the right place to find out. Otherwise, you can go with the paid option.

I mean the music here is really good in my opinion that you can use it and not have to worry when it comes to putting it in your vlogs.

But you are responsible 100 percent for the music that you put into your vlogs. So make sure that you guys are very careful about what you’re doing and you’re 100 percent liable for what you’re doing.

2. Envato Elements Music and Sound Effects (Best Pick)

This is far the best decision I have ever made after four years of experience. This is a paid and monthly subscription-based service I have ever used.

In past, I have used many free and paid options. But this is a very useful service with lots of options available.

Envato Elements is a part of a big company called Envato. They are very famous for their digital products. In Envato, you can get specific products.

Like if you want a website theme for your WordPress website. You can go to theme forest and purchase from it. But the Envato Element is very different from it.

You will get all the necessary things from one place. That’s why I like this website the most. This all-in-one service is by far the best option for Youtubers and vloggers.


This website is one platform for Youtubers and vloggers. Whenever you need an Intro template for your videos or any stock video for commercial use. You can download it from there. Envato Elements offers

  • Stock Videos – (1,231,992) Royalty-free Stock Videos
  • Stock Photos – (2,285,511) Royalty-free stock photos
  • Video Templates – (29,146) Video templates
  • Music – (68,699) Royalty free audio tracks
  • Sound Effects – (447,616) Royalty-free sound effects
  • Graphic – (49,351) Graphics
  • Graphic Templates – (124,392) Graphic templates
  • Presentation Templates – (60,759) Presentation templates and Slides themes
  • Fonts – (62,822) Thousands of font styles and types
  • Unlimited Lightroom Presets
  • Unlimited Photoshop Actions
  • Unlimited Photoshop Brushes
  • Photoshop Layer Style
  • Web Templates
  • Email Templates
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • CMS Templates
  • Ebook & Courses
  • And More


Finding cons is so difficult job for Envato Elements. Because they offer such a great service for Youtuber and vloggers. But finding the right thing from the search option is not very convenient. However, if you know to find your things from this massive library. You will get things very easily.

Everyone is using the same file for creating content on the internet. But this is not a big issue at all. Envato Elements is updating its library every time. Don’t worry about it. Because I’ve been using their service for the last one years and there is no issue I’m facing at all.

3. – Free Nature Stock Music

You can find free music very easily on the internet. But all stock music services are great. I have mentioned previously about Envato Element Music. They offer a huge library of music. Right!

But if you get the same music for free, how will you feel?

mixkit free assets and digital elements
mixkit free assets and digital elements

Yes, in fact, you can get some of their music for free. But you won’t find as many music and collections as Envato Element.

Mixkit is a great option for beginner vloggers. They can use some of the music, sound effects, video templates, stock photo, stock videos for free.

But if you want full access to get more options. You must need to buy a subscription to Envato Elements.

4. YouTube Audio Library

To make a video on YouTube you need to purchase various subscription services to collect music or sound effects. But those who are just starting out do not always have money and do not want to invest

But if you can invest in a good subscription music service, it will be very good for you. But if you want to use free music from the beginning, youtube’s own music library is enough for you.

However, from the youtube audio library, you can easily download all the music or sound effects you need and add them to your videos through your video editing software.

You must have a YouTube Creator account to download this music and sound effects. After you go to you will see the YouTube Studio option in the Accounts section on the right corner.

Clicking on the YouTube Studio option will open a dashboard. There you will find all the information and videos on your channel. Now after coming to the dashboard section you will find some buttons on the left.

Holding those buttons below you will actually find an option for YouTube audio. Clicking there will allow you to download and use all those free music and sound effects in your videos.

5. SoundCloud

Sound Cloud is a music collection website known to all of us. But you may not know that you can use SoundCloud music in your videos.

From the video below you can get a complete idea of how to use SoundCloud music properly on your videos.

This is awesome. Right! I hope you like it. But there is more free no copyright music website that offers free music and sound effects.

6. Facebook Audio Library and Sound Collections

I think we all have a Facebook account and an Instagram account right now.

If you have a Facebook account and you have a page launched with that account, you can easily download music from Facebook’s Sound Collection and Audio Library and use it in your videos.

Remember that you must have a Facebook page open for this, then you can use this option. You can download over 8,360 tracks of audio and music from the Facebook Audio Library

You will also find over 1,740 sound effects in the Facebook Sound Collection.

But the question arises if I download music from Facebook’s sound collection for YouTube videos. Is there appears any copyright issue?

My answer is that sometimes I see copyright but most of the time no copyright issue is seen. If you want to use music or sound for free, you have to take full responsibility.

Final Words

Thank you all for reading this article so far. You already know which music and sound collection website is the best. I hope you understand how good music and sound effects are best for your YouTube videos and where you can buy and use them without any copyright.

Hope you download this music and sound effects collection and use it on your YouTube videos. Thank You.

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