How Much Do Vlogging Camera Cost?



How Much Do Vlogging Camera Cost

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Vlogging cameras are a hot commodity these days. It’s no secret that vloggers can make big bucks, and with the rise of YouTube superstars like Casey Neistat, it is now more than ever possible to turn your passion into a career.

On Amazon, you can find everything from DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses starting at $1,000 all the way up to mirrorless cameras costing as little as $500. But remember cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes it just depends on what kind of video production you are up to

A lot of people are into vlogging, especially teenagers like me. I really enjoy vlogging. But it’s hard to find a camera that is cheap and affordable with decent quality. Finding the best vlogging camera on a budget is really difficult and you need a lot of information.

The best solution would be buying an inexpensive DSLR or mirrorless camera which can give you amazing video quality at least better than smartphones. And if money isn’t an issue then get a professional mirrorless camera that will cost $3500 without lenses. But gives you super high-quality 4k video output.

If your budget is not enough for buying an expensive professional camera then I suggest Canon M50 as it’s quite cheaper than Sony A7sIII but still good at capturing videos as well as photos even in low light conditions or nighttime shots.

In this article, we’ll talk about what are the best vlogging cameras are and how much they cost, as well as the different types of cameras. We’ll give you my top pick vlogging camera that is very affordable for a beginner vlogger.

Average Vlogging Camera Cost With Real Examples

Determining the best vlogging camera is a personal choice based on the person’s budget, skill level, and desired output quality. Average prices range between $500-$3000. But the price can depend on all sorts of features including lens size, megapixels, programmable buttons for creative filming options, manual controls, etc.

A typical beginners vlogger should invest in an affordable brand that has a kit lens with at least three different focal lengths to offer various angles and types of shots. The average youtuber will have higher expectations from their equipment because they are already spending time editing.

Top 10 Best Canon Vlogging Camera Cost

Canon is the most popular camera company in today’s photography and filmmaking industry. Canon cameras are versatile for beginners and professionals alike, making them a great choice. Canon produces a wide variety of camera types to suit any customer’s needs.

Canon ModelCanon Cost 
Canon M50 With Kit LensUS $650 & UK £470
Canon M50 Mark ii Content Creator KitUS $899 & UK £650
Canon EOS SL3/200D Mark iiUS $699 & UK £505
Canon EOS G7 X Mark iii Video Creator KitUS $800 & UK £578
Canon  EOS M6 Mark ii With Kit LensUS $799 & UK £577
Canon EOS M200 Content Creator KitUS $649 & UK £496
Canon EOS RP Body OnlyUS $999 & UK £723
Canon EOS R Body OnlyUS $1799 & UK £1300
Canon EOS R6 Body OnlyUS $2499 & UK £1807
Canon EOS R5 Body OnlyUS $3899 & UK £2819
Canon Vlogging Camera Cost List

Here is a list of the top 10 best canon vlogging cameras and costs with specific value for money details. Decide which camera you should buy. However, you can check out my recommended gear page for more information about vlogging cameras. My favorite camera is a canon m50 with a kit lens.

  • Canon M50 With Kit Lens – Best video camera for beginner vloggers and aspiring youtube filmmakers. This camera is very popular in the youtube and vlogging world. Canon m50 can shoot up to 4k video. If you are just starting youtube vlogging, then this camera is perfect for you.
  • Canon M50 Mark ii Content Creator Kit – This camera is an updated version of canon m50. Canon m50 mark ii has some extra features compared to the old canon m50. But both cameras have the same type of APS-C sensor and 4k video quality. The main advantage of having canon m50 mark ii is this camera can produce good quality live streaming videos wirelessly.
  • Canon EOS SL3/200D Mark ii – DSLR camera technology is old now. The only dslr camera is this list that can shoot a good quality 4k video with an affordable price range. If you don’t like mirrorless technology and want a beginner friendly cheap dslr camera for vlogging, then this camera might be a good choice.
  • Canon EOS G7 X Mark iii Video Creator Kit – This camera is an updated version of  Canon G7 x Mark ii. EOS G7 X Mark iii camera is very different from dslr and mirrorless technology. Canon digital cameras are among the finest, and this EOS G7 X Mark III is no exception. Designed for modern-day photojournalists, vloggers, youtubers, bloggers, social media gurus alike, it’s loaded with features that make it easy to create your ideal shot. Also, it can shoot up to 4k video and 120fps in full hd.
  • Canon  EOS M6 Mark ii With Kit Lens – This camera is a great purchase for anyone looking to make the leap into vlogging without breaking the bank. It has minimal sound interference and is easy to use right out of the box. With an adapter, it can also take Canon EF lenses and up to 2 SD cards. Its flip touch screen makes navigation easy too.
  • Canon EOS M200 Content Creator Kit – The Canon EOS M200 Content Creator Kit includes a camera kit that’s perfect for mobile videographers, music video producers and other creatives. Whether you’re shooting people or pets playing on your living room floor, creating short videos of travelers’ adventures from the back of a bike taxi or having friends come over for an impromptu dance party where nobody can resist getting down when you fire up some good tunes. All content creators need great-looking footage that will undoubtedly become irreplaceable memories. This kit is made with amateur content creators in mind and beginners alike because it has all the necessary gadgets.
  • Canon EOS RP Body Only – The Canon EOS RP body only is the ideal and most underrated vlogging camera that features a 26.2 MP full frame sensor and offers high-speed continuous shooting up to 5 fps, produces 4K video as well as still photos with classic reflector and retractable zoom lens. So you can go from capturing your adventures on film to sharing them on social media in just seconds. The RP models line also has its own dedicated DSLR remote app for creative control over settings such as shutter speed, aperture and focal length to make sure you capture the perfect shot every.
  • Canon EOS R Body Only – A vlogging camera for serious Youtube Vloggers. High-quality 4k video and silent photo photography make the Canon EOS R a sleek but powerful device for those looking to earn some money from YouTube or other social media sites. The 9 fps not only allows you to take your own action shots in much more detail, but it can also come in handy when shooting videos of sports events.
  • Canon EOS R6 Body Only – The Canon EOS R6 is a camera for those looking to take their video recording game up a notch. It is designed with vloggers in mind and offers a marriage of low-light shooting capability with 4K resolution footage at 60 frames per second. It also has an ergonomic design so you can shoot uninterrupted for long periods while on the go.
  • Canon EOS R5 Body Only – The Canon EOS R5 is the most powerful video camera ever made by Canon. It offers 45 megapixels and can shoot up to 25 frames per second. As a professional filmmaker or serious vlogger, you will value its enormous 8K/120p video shooting capabilities. This mirrorless model has an interchangeable lens system that accommodates EF and RF lenses as well as other mount-specific accessories including optics for wildlife photography.

Top 10 Best Sony Vlogging Camera Cost

A camera is an essential tool for any YouTuber. It’s not only a way to record your life, but it can also be used as a business card and marketing strategy to show off the different ways you produce content. If you’re looking for a new sony vlogging camera, then this list will help you find the perfect Sony camera model at the best cost.

Sony ModelSony Cost
Sony ZV-1US $749 & UK £541
Sony RX100 VIIUS $1299 & UK £939
Sony A6300US $899 & UK £650
Sony A6500US $1199 & UK £867
Sony A6400US $899 & UK £650
Sony A7iiiUS $1998 & UK £1445
Sony A7CUS $1799 & UK £1301
Sony A7SiiiUS $3499 & UK £2530
Sony A7RiiiUS $2798 & UK £2023
Sony FX3 Cinema line CameraUS $3898 & UK £2819
Sony Vlogging Camera Cost List

Sony is the most popular camera company among the photographer and youtubers content creators. They’re producing the best quality mirrorless video camera in the market. Here are some of my thoughts about these top 10 best sony vlogging cameras and their costs. But if you’re in a hurry then I would highly recommend checking out Sony A7C camera. I’m just loving it so much.

  • Sony ZV-1: Sony zv1 is a very lightweight and portable vlogging camera.  It has a flip-out screen and the camera is very easy to use. It’s also got an internal microphone, which can be turned off if you want better sound quality from your external mic or audio recorder like Zoom HN100. It shoots in 4k at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps so it will give smooth video playback on YouTube with no stuttering.
  • Sony RX100 VII: Many travel vloggers use this camera to take beautiful pictures and record their travel life. This camera is very similar to the sony zv1. It has a flip-up screen and the camera is very easy to use, but it shoots in 4k at 30fps so there will be some stuttering when you playback on YouTube. But there is one downside to this portable cybershot camera that is the price range. This camera is really expensive and costs around $1000.
  • Sony A6300: It is a good option for photographers who are interested in vlogging and want to take professional pictures. The camera shoots at 1080p / 60 frames per second so videos will be smooth. Sony makes this camera for absolute beginners. A6300 autofocus is very fast and it has a flip-up screen. The only downside to this camera is the price range, which starts at $1000 for just a body without a lens or accessories.
  • Sony A6500: There are lots of sony cameras that have great autofocus systems. Sony a6500 is one of them. It has the fastest face detection autofocus system in the camera market. It is also the lightest and smallest camera in its class. The downside to this product, like most Sony cameras on Amazon is that they do not come with a lens or accessories so you have to spend more money if want one of these items for your vlogging experience. The price range starts at $1000 but can go up from there depending on the gears and types of equipment.
  • Sony A6400: Sony A6400 is one of the best mirrorless cameras in 2019. The camera features a 24MP APS-C sensor, BIONZ X image processor, and 425-point focal phase-detection autofocus system. It can shoot at up to 11 fps with continuous autofocus and 8 fps with live view. The Sony A6400 has a 3-inch tilting touchscreen LCD monitor that flips out 180 degrees for high or low-angle shooting. The screen also has touch focus capability for more precise control when composing images. This camera only cost $899. Anyone who wants to record 4k videos with a great autofocus system. Sony A6400 is almost perfect for vloggers and youtubers.
  • Sony A7iii: This is a premium line mirrorless camera. Sony A7iii is a mirrorless camera that has been designed with a professional photographer in mind. With a 24 MP full-frame sensor and no optical low pass filter, you’ll be able to capture every detail of your subject. The 5-axis image stabilization system helps to reduce blur caused by camera shake, while the fast hybrid autofocus keeps your subject sharp and in focus.
  • Sony A7C: A perfect vlogging camera that can shoot 4k at 60fps video in a lightweight body. The Sony A7C is the first full-frame camera to use a back-illuminated sensor. This allows for an incredible low light capability, and also gives you better dynamic range at higher ISOs since it has more sensitivity per pixel. It features a flip-out screen which makes vlogging much easier, and it will give you the best image quality of any 4K video camera. If you want my recommendation on the best mirrorless vlogging camera, this is the camera of my choice.
  • Sony A7Siii: The sony a7sii is well known for indie filmmakers and youtubers. But the only downside of the sony a7sii model is slow autofocus. But don’t worry about it. Sony updated this version to the sony a7s iii and fixed the slow autofocus issues. It has all the requirements for professional filmmakers and youtubers. This camera can cost you $3400, but if you’re serious about youtube and make a living from it. I would highly recommend you invest in this professional full-frame mirrorless sony a7siii.
  • Sony A7Riii: This camera is best for high quality sports photography. But the sony a7riii has great video features. Like sony a7s iii has great eye detection autofocus capabilities. If you are serious about photography then I would recommend you invest in this gear. 
  • Sony FX3: For the fast time sony thinking about a small indie filmmaker who wants a smaller cinema camera body with various cinematic features. But if you want to buy this camera for vlogging and youtubing. Then this camera is for you. Because this camera is targeted at content creators and video professionals. You can make high-quality cinematic vlogs and b-roll with it. But in this world of cameras, no camera is perfect for you. Compared to other cinema line cameras this camera has just one small downside that is there is no in-build nd filters on it. But overall this camera is the perfect camera for youtubers.

Cheapest Vlogging Camera Cost For Beginners

If you are a vlogger, blogger, or just someone who enjoys making videos then the best way to start is with a camera. The most important thing about your camera is that it has to be affordable! We know how expensive cameras can get so we have put together this list of the 5 cheapest vlogging and video cameras for beginners.

  • Canon M50 Vlogger Kit: Cost $750 [ If you’re just starting vlogging and want a camera that can shoot decent quality Full HD videos. Then canon m50 might be for your first vlogging camera]
  • Sony ZV-1 Vlogger Kit: Cost $899 [ Beginner don’t want to invest in camera gear and equipment. But if you are serious about vlogging then sony camera might be the best choice for you.
  • Nikon Z50 Vlogger Kit: Cost $1150 [ This camera is similar to canon m50, but there are many new added features in this camera. While shooting 4k video this camera can shoot 30fps. In this vlogger kit, you will get a joby gorilla pod 3k kit, a Nikkor 16-50mm VR lens, a small rig mount for vlogging, and a rode video micro microphone.
  • DJI Osmo Pocket 2: This is the smallest vlogging camera that has a built-in gimbal attached to it. When it was released the first time I thought it was a joke. But after using it, i’m just loving it. This small form factor gimbal camera is beating my $750 dollar canon m50 vlogger kit. It can shoot 4k videos. Yes, this is the future of travel filmmaking and vlogging cameras.
  • GoPro Hero 9 Black: GoPro is very popular for its small form factor and high-quality video and photo shooting capabilities. People who like traveling and want a lightweight camera. This is the best travel camera for vloggers. But remember that gopro cameras are good as a second camera for your vlog, but not the main vlogging camera. Always invest in a big mirrorless camera as the main gear.

Factor: That Affect Vlogging Camera Costs

1. 4k/1080p Video Quality

High-quality video is an important ranking factor for youtube. But if you don’t have enough budget to buy a mirrorless camera, then it’s ok to start with your phone.

Those cameras that can shoot 4k videos are really expensive. Because technology is updating so fast that’s why investing in a 4k video camera might boost your video ranking on youtube.

2. External Microphone

If you are starting a YouTube channel, you might be surprised at how audible your voice needs to sound. While camera equipment and light help with quality, the one thing that truly stands out is good audio. Investing in an external microphone for vlogging should help ensure that your viewers can hear all of the words correctly-especially those that come afterward.

3. SD Cards

You’ll probably want an SD card in order to make the best videos. The SD Card is the cheapest option for those who are just starting out with video recording. With it, you can record high-quality videos easily and efficiently, which means that there will be less room for error when you first start out on your career as a YouTuber.

The best quality SD card would cost you around $50. Personally, I have a set of SD cards in my carrying bag. More than one SD card helps you to create more content without facing limited storage issues.

4. Tripods

Tripods allow you to get the perfect shot while holding your smartphone. It restricts movement so that you can stay stable and keep in one spot. This is desired when using a selfie stick or public camera on a tripod for getting great moments without shaking. With a variety of options, tripods also work as stylistic stands with an angled shooting position for up-close and personal photos from your favorite angle without ever having to miss out on candid expressions.

Most of the vloggers use a Joby gorilla pod 3k kit with a ball head. But personally, I don’t like this tripod for vlogging. The best vlogging tripod is the Switchpod. I really like this tripod for vlogging.


Vlogging camera cost depends on the vlogger’s personal choice. If you want to be a pro vlogger then you can invest in a good and expensive camera. But always remember that one thing, if you have the skills to create video content. Then your smartphone is the best vlogging camera you already have in your pocket. But if you’re serious about vlogging, then invest in a good camera like sony a7c.


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