Hisense TV Stuck on Logo Screen (Fix it Now)



Hisense TV Stuck on Logo Screen

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TV screen stuck on logo basically refers to a situation when you’ve powered your Hisense TV on but suddenly the display stops at the brand logo without commencing any further presentation. This is a common inconvenience for any TV brand or type.

So, let’s look forward to how you can resolve the issue and go back to binge-watching your cherished shows.

Is Hisense a Good Brand?

Hisense is a well-recognized TV brand that manufactures some top-hole smart TVs at reasonable prices. Their quality performance has led Hisense to one of the rapidly rising TV brands in the Market.

Yet, Hisense TVs sometime get into some flaws as well, despite their rising popularity. They might occasionally run into issues that need troubleshooting. One typical issue you can encounter with your Hisense TV is a stuck logo screen. In some cases, this may result in an ‘infinite loop’ or ‘reboot loop error’ which can prompt your Hisense TV on and off constantly.

If you have your Hisense TV stuck on the logo, there is nothing to be worried about. This article will provide you with numerous easy and efficient solutions to how you can fix this problem and get your TV to function properly just by yourself.

Power Cycle Your Hisense TV (Soft Reset)

Power cycling your TV is one of the simplest and quickest solutions to resolve the frozen Hisense TV occurrence, despite the fact that it might sound too basic to be successful. Restarting the device, also referred to as a soft reset which ends all the operations in the background and updates your TV.

Follow these instructions to soft reset your device safely:

  • Turn off your Hisense TV. Unplug the router as well.
  • Remove your TV’s power plug from the electrical outlet.
  • Ideally, wait for 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Power on the two devices, then switch the TV on.

Your Hisense TV will now commence normally and proceed after the logo screen if this fix is successful.

Get the Updated Firmwares Installed on your TV

For optimum performance, your smart TV needs to have its software updated frequently. This maintains other settings on your TV and, if not updated frequently, may result in numerous issues including being stuck on the logo screen.

On a Hisense Smart TV, installing the most recent firmware is often done by accessing the settings menu, choosing the support option, scrolling down to the system update option, and then choosing the check firmware update option.

The new firmware cannot be downloaded using this technique if your Hisense TV is stuck on the logo screen. The most recent firmware must be installed using a USB flash drive instead. This is also an efficient choice if you lack internet connectivity.

The USB flash drive ought to generally handle the FAT16, FAT32, 3Xfat, and NTFS file systems. It should also have enough space to install the retrieved firmware in your Hisense TV.

When your USB flash drive satisfies all of these criteria, follow these instructions to upgrade your Hisense Device’s firmware:

  • Start by using the browser on your computer to navigate to the regional Hisense page (https://global.hisense.com/regional).
  • The firmware specific for your Smart TV model can be downloaded from the support section of the website.
  • Check to see if the downloaded file is a BIN or PKG file before unzipping it.
  • After that, copy it to a FAT32-formatted, empty USB flash drive that is no bigger than 4GB.
  • Unplug your TV’s power cord from the electrical outlet and subsequently insert the USB key.
  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control and plug in the power cord while still holding the power button of your remote.
  • Releasing the power button will prompt the software update screen to display.
  • Install the firmware following the instructions on display.

The TV might take up to 20 minutes to install the packages. Your Hisense Smart TV will restart after the installation procedure is finished. If your TV doesn’t update, try the procedure again.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to avoid thinking these procedures are too complicated because they will enable you to avoid hiring a technician, saving you both time and money.

Execute the ‘Factory Reset’ on your TV

You might need to “hard reset” as a final course of action when all else has failed. Performing a hard reset should return the TV to its original factory mode, in contrast to a “soft reset.” All of your passwords, programs, and customized settings will be removed with a hard reset. It is therefore best to only attempt this remedy after you’ve carried out other fix options but couldn’t resolve the issue.

As a general rule, a hard reset should always be preceded by a backup of the data on your TV. As soon as you conduct the reset and turn on your device, you will require to login in, so make sure to preserve all of your passwords. Don’t forget to make a list of all the installed apps on your TV in order to download the files later on and install them afterward once you conduct the factory reset.

Your Hisense TV should undergo a factory reset securely after completing the above mentioned suggestions. Take the following actions to execute a factory reset:

  • Find the Menu option on the remote control. Select the button.
  • Click Support and then hit Enter. Corresponding to the model of your remote control, the ‘Enter’ can be labeled as Select/OK instead.
  • In order to confirm your option, pick out Self Diagnosis and subsequently click Enter.
  • Select Reset as your final choice.
  • To approve the request, enter your PIN. If you haven’t altered the default PIN yet, ‘0000’ should remain your TV’s PIN.
  • Your TV will now undergo a factory reset.

The default Identification Number ‘0000’ should function if you’ve never changed it. Contact Hisense Customer/Service Center for support if you can’t remember your PIN.

To do a hard reset on older Hisense TV models that keeps stuck on the home or logo screen, follow these instructions:

  • Find the Exit option of your TV’s remote control panel. Press the button and hold for about 15 seconds.
  • Following that, you’ll find the Factory Service option on your TV screen upon passing about 15 seconds.
  • Choose OK.
  • Afterward, turn the Hisense TV off.
  • At least 30 seconds should pass before you turn the device on.
  • Activate your gadget.

If this remedy is successful, your Hisense TV will advance through the logo screen. It is important to note that this update is only effective for models from 2013 and earlier.


I don’t have my TV remote right now, how do I hard reset the TV?

A physical reset button should be placed behind your Hisense TV if it is a more recent model. If you own one of these newer editions, use the reset button to execute a factory reset by following these steps:

  • Locate the button for Reset which is placed behind your TV.
  • Press the button and hold it for some time. Keep your TV on during the process.
  • Hold up multiple times for your TV to start after shutting itself down.
  • Release the button.

Following these instructions should show up a setup display, letting you Hard Reset your Hisense TV. Alternatively, you can install the Universal Remote app on your phone to operate the TV.

How do I fix my Hisense TV flickering screen?

You may sometimes experience flickering screen problems with your Hisense TV. In most cases, a flickering screen is due to an irregular power connection or inadequate updating of the TV’s firmware. In order to solve this stressful inconvenience, try out the following solutions-

  • Power cycle your TV. A simple restart may resolve the issue.
  • Figure out if your Hisense TV has any faulty cable connection.
  • Change or Upgrade the video source.
  • Settle your room’s lighting in accordance with your TV brightness.
  • Install the latest firmware for your Hisense TV.

You may have resolved your flickering screen issue through one of the above mentioned processes. If not, this might be a case of internal hardware damage. Try concerning with the Hisense Customer Service Center if none of the processes works out for you.


A TV screen stuck on a logo can sometimes be a stressful experience. I have presented you with some troubleshooting processes that are effective in most cases. Hopefully, this will resolve your inconvenience with your Hisense TV. 

If none of the methods is successful, this might be a case of Hardware Damage. In such case, the Hisense Support staff should take care of it if you are still covered by the warranty terms. The service center might take a few days but you’ll have your TV fixed or replaced with minimum applied conditions.

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