Can You Vlog While Driving a Car or Motorcycle?



Can You Vlog While Driving

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Most of the vloggers who have a car or a motorcycle want to record their vlog while driving. But normally you guys don’t know about is it legal or illegal to film yourself while driving a motorcycle or a car. And this is really important to know about your legal rights according to law.

Can you vlog while driving? Legally, vlogging while driving is not illegal at all. But in some countries and states that do have laws about using phones, Inattentive and distracted while driving is totally illegal. Sometimes distracted driving while vlogging may cause serious accidents or fines.

But technically, sometimes we use our phones while driving. Right!

According to the traffic laws while driving a car or motorcycle you have to focus on your driving and do not pay attention to anything else.

Using a cell phone while driving is the most common cause of serious accidents.

In This article, I have talked about all the legal or illegal terms about vlogging while driving for specific states and countries. With this below, I have also given a full discussion on how to vlog on different vehicles.

Is It Illegal To Film Yourself While Driving?

As human beings, we have personal rights and these personal rights are given by the constitution. That is why every aspiring YouTube vlogger needs to know these kinds of legal terms and their rights.

Now, is it illegal to film yourself while driving? Technically, Filming yourself while driving is not illegal according to law. But maintaining the traffic rules and laws you have to ensure that you are not distracted while driving. But it depends on the person’s situation to who is maintaining it.

Vlogging while driving is not illegal, as well as filming yourself and your personal property, is not illegal. People often don’t know about it but every state’s road has some legal rules about the speed limit and driving instructions.

If you are vlogging in another person’s property, first make sure he allows you to record your vlog there. Because everyone has his own legal right to property.

He has the right to sue you under the law at any time for entering his property without his consent or permission to make videos.

Is It Illegal To Use HandHeld Mobile Phone Or Vlogging Camera While Driving?

Legally, while driving a car or motorcycle, or related vehicle you can not use a mobile phone and vlogging camera handheld. But if you have an assistant to record your vlogging videos in the same vehicles he or she can hold camera gear for you.

Often time people receive their phone call and text while driving. It is illegal to use a handheld cell phone or vlogging camera while driving.

In the United Kingdom, if the police person caught you using a handheld phone or camera while driving. They will be fine around a penalty of six points or £200 pound fine or both.

Did you know in 2018, the UK Traffic report says that there are 29 death and 115+ serious injuries in a road accident.

These road accidents are increasing day by day for inattentiveness while driving. The police report says that these road accidents happened because the driver is using their phone behind the wheel while driving.

This kind of accident and his punishment is very costly and painful as well. Here is the maximum punishment report for holding their phone while driving.

Is It Illegal To Use Hand Free Mobile Phone Or Vlogging Camera While Driving?

You can use a hand-free mobile phone and vlogging camera. But make sure don’t pick up your phone while driving. But you are recording a vlog while driving. How you can manage your vlogging camera.

This is a really simple thing to do, you need to buy a camera mount from your nearest camera shop or you can order them from amazon.

Here is some car or moto vlogging kit that I have been using regularly given below.

If you are using an action camera, smartphone, DSLR camera, or Mirrorless camera for vlogging this all-in-one camera mount is really good for your car and motorcycle.

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But if you are using only GoPro Action Camera for moto vlogging or car vlogging. Then this cheap action camera mount is easy to use and best value for the run and gunshots.

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Is Vlogging While Driving Illegal In the United Kingdom?

In the UK their traffic rules and legal decision is always for the people’s safety. We often face legal complications and fines for violating traffic laws. These traffic rules are made for your own safety.

Vlogging or filming yourself while driving a car or motorcycle is not illegal. But using a handheld phone or camera will distract you from driving and it is really dangerous our life.

Most of the time using a phone behind the wheel is the main reason for serious accidents. It may take your life as well as risking another person’s life.

Here is a YouTube video that shows can you use your phone while driving? It will give you proper animated views of mobile phone driving laws in the united kingdom and other countries as well.

Is Vlogging While Driving Illegal In The United State Of America?

The United States Of America has the same safety precaution as the United Kingdom for its drivers and vloggers. Vlogging while driving is not illegal. But if you use your mobile phone or vlogging camera handheld. Then you are disrespecting and violating the traffic law and this is illegal.

You can use your vlogging camera by attaching it with a vlogging mount. That is the legal way to use your vlogging camera and phone camera while driving.

The United States Of America has no specified law for vlogging. But there are some legal things you should follow.

A famous Youtuber and vlogger based in New York, the United States known as his famous YouTube channel Casey Neistat.

He is an American Youtuber, vlogger, and filmmaker. He has the most amazing lifestyle vlogs on his youtube channel. His videos have the most unique test in vlogging.

In many of his videos, he vlogs on his electric boosted board while driving it. But he always uses sub road where there is less traffic in this area.

Because he always tells me that vlogging is really fun to do and I like to vlog my daily life. But I really obey traffic rules while driving and vlogging both at the same time.


  • You can use a camera mount to hold your camera.
  • If you have another person in your car, he can film your vlog for you.
  • If needed you can park your car and film your vlog.
  • You can use a smaller action camera to mount it on your car or moto vlogging helmet.
  • Make sure you begin your recording before start driving.
  • Respect the traffic law.
  • You can turn off your mobile phone while driving (optional).


  • Do not use your cell phone handheld while driving.
  • Do no use vlogging camera handheld while driving.
  • Do not film anyone without their consent. Make sure you asked them about it.
  • Do not distract while driving.

Is Vlogging While Driving Illegal In Canada?

Canada is a very beautiful country. There are many YouTubers or vloggers in Canada. A well-known famous Youtuber and vlogger based in Toronto, Canada is Peter McKinnon. He has some great vlog videos on his YouTube channel.

Personally, I really like his vlogs so much. Because of epic b-roll shots and filmmaking style. Because he is doing really good at making vlogging videos. you can make it too.

Vlogging while driving is not illegal in Canada. But you have to ensure that you are not vlogging with the camera handheld. Because vlogging while driving is not illegal, using a phone or camera handheld while driving is illegal.

You can use a vlogging camera mount or vlogging kit to film your entire video hand-free. This is the best way possible for individual vloggers.

But if you have a friend or a personal assistant to film your videos. Then your assistant can maintain all the camera equipment for the video.

Is Vlogging While Driving Illegal In Australia?

There is no specific law for vlogging in Australia. But like every other country, Australia has also driving safety precautions for everyone.

There is no specific law about vlogging in Australia. But as well as all the countries, Australia has the same condition to obey the traffic rules and respect the traffic law.

Australia is a really beautiful country. But This country has some traffic laws about Mobile phone use while driving or distracting driving.

If you are distracted while driving your car and using your phone or making videos on your phone or camera. Using a camera or phone while driving your car or motorcycle is really unlawful and it is illegal in Australia also.

Below, I have attached a video about vlogging on a car. A Woman with her family goes on a trip somewhere in Australia. She is vlogging herself along with her family. It is a complete example of legal vlogging. Her husband is driving the car and she is filming his travel vlog.

So sweet of them. You can also follow her channel to see this kind of video. She is doing great. But something is missing in his vlog. If she uses some premium vlogging music on his vlog videos. It will look and sound great.

Vlogging Guideline and Tips While Driving

So, you want to start vlogging? But you don’t know how to start vlogging and which camera and types of equipment are best for your vlogging.

If you are just starting vlogging you need to select which platform you choose to upload your videos. There are many people who upload their vlogging videos on YouTube.

1. Where Should You Upload You Vlogging Videos?

Video content growth is increasing day by day and there are many platforms that offer video content on their websites.

Like Facebook in 2020, they start offering to upload videos on their platform, and many people like Nash Daily upload his vlogging content and other educational content and lots of things on Facebook.

Facebook and YouTube offer video content on their website, but there is more website that offers video content on their platform.

Instagram has not the same kind of 16:9 aspect ratio for vlogging or video content, but their video content growth is increasing very fast and their content structure is increasing.

But in my recommendation, you choose YouTube for vlogging. Because YouTube has lots of potential and you can make a living from YouTube money.

2. Which Type Vlogging Niche or Categories You Need To Choose?

There are many types of YouTube channel niches or topics is available on the internet. But here is the catch. You choose those kinds of niches that you are like the most. Yes, you heard that right.

Because many people start a YouTube channel and make videos they don’t even know about it. They watch other YouTuber’s videos and start to copy their niche and topics.

That is absolutely ok for you. But following your passion bring you more subscribers and views.

As an experience Youtuber and vlogger in this field. I have tried all the necessary things in the beginning period.

I’ve tried lifestyle vlogging like Casey Neistat. But it didn’t go well for my youtube channel.

Then is started my second vlogging channel on YouTube. Now I have more than enough subscribers and views on my vlogs.

3. 10 Best Unique Money Making YouTube Channel Niche Ideas

Here are some unique and money-making YouTube niche ideas that totally grow your YouTube subscribers and views.

  1. Beauty: This niche is really competitive nowadays. But if you keep making videos and research a lot. You can be successful.
  2. Acrylic Painting: Excellent. I did some preliminary search analysis and found quite a lot of good information out there already on the blog side, but less on the Youtube side.
  3. Acting: Very high potential. If you had content about getting work as an actor I’m sure it’d get lots of volumes. Online courses have potential here. I could see this working as a blog or Youtube channel.
  4. Adoption: This is a YMYL topic, but one with massive search volume. There are many unscrupulous companies in this space taking advantage of couples trying to adopt, so good information is needed. Could be good as a blog OR a Youtube channel.
  5. Advertising: Cool niche. You may want to grab a sub-niche such as advertising for small businesses. Lots of competition for this space, but there’s also a huge need. So many companies waste money on Facebook ads without proper knowledge.
  6. Airbrush Makeup: Cosmetics are fairly competitive. Do some search analysis to see if you can come up with topics for a site or youtube channel with low competition. Monetize well with ads and affiliates.
  7. Air Bnb Property Investing: HOT TOPIC! There are lots of sites out there with info in this space, but much less on Youtube. I’m sure you could do well with a blog too, but you’d have to be very cautious with your search analysis. Info product potential is massive.
  8. Air Travel: Maybe air travel is super competitive. There are so many reviews of luggage that it will make you sick. The travel space on Youtube is competitive but not impossible to overcome.
  9. Animals That Can Fly: A site or YouTube channel on flying animals would probably do great. This would probably be interest/informational content and not very instructional. Probably not a lot of buyers intent unless you did Flying Pets as the topic. That means ads will probably do okay but not amazing. Some affiliate products for birdwatching and related stuff. Maybe other fun products like posters, calendars, etc. if this is based around people who just love flying animals.
  10. Apartment Decorating: I really like this niche. You should definitely do Pinterest and you’d probably do a lot better if you had lots of images of unique projects you’ve done to illustrate your videos. I think affiliate and ads are a given, but info products could also be really great in this niche. A solid topic that could work for Youtube.

Camera or Phone: Which Vlogging Setups You Should Use?

You can both use of mobile phone camera and a DSLR camera for vlogging. But from my personal point of view, I always use GoPro Action Cameras for travel vlogging to record runs and gunshots and videos.

But if don’t have a DSLR camera or GoPro action camera. Then it is ok to start your vlogging journey on YouTube with just your mobile phone.

But if you have some budget to buy cameras and types of equipment. Then you can defiantly purchase a camera and equipment from amazon or your nearest camera shop. Here is a recommended gear page specific to all the vlogging equipment and gears.

Here is my favorite mirrorless camera from amazon Canon M50 With Vlogging Kit. But if you want a waterproof and all-in-one camera. Then GoPro Hero 9 Black is the best choice all in one and easy to use vlogging camera that I’m personally like and also using it.

Both cameras have their own advantages for making better vlogging videos on YouTube. Make sure you look after your needs.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Vlog While Driving RV?

Technically, you can vlog on RV. This is an adventure and travel vehicle for people who like to go out on a long trip with their family and friends. Make sure you do not use your handheld vlogging camera and mobile phone while driving your RV. You can use a camera mount or phone mount to handsfree your mobile phone.

Can You Vlog While Driving A Tesla?

Vlogging on a new tesla car is like a dream for everyone. Elon musk tesla is a very ergonomic and safe self-driving car that has auto driving features built-in. Now, Can you vlog on a tesla car while driving? Yes, defiantly you can vlog on this car. Because this car has self-driving capabilities built-in. But make sure you follow the traffic rule as well.

Can You Vlog While Driving A Boat?

Rich people have boats and Yachts to enjoy the sea and their weekends. If you have your personal boat, then you can vlog on your boat without any permission. But If you hire a boat or you just pay your friend some money, to borrow his boat, then you must need to take permission from them and Their consent will need it for a vlog on the boat.

Can You Vlog While Driving For Uber Eats?

Many international students work as Uber drivers. Also, many of them make videos on YouTube to make passive income and also earn some extra money from it. Now the question arises here. Can you vlog while driving for Uber Eats? Look uber eats is a food delivery service. There is nothing wrong with it while vlogging and delivering foods.

Vlogging is just your personal taste and hobby. To make a living online from vlogging videos on YouTube. You can definitely vlog while you’re driving on Uber eats. But make sure you use your seat belt and mount your camera while driving. However, handheld vlogging cameras and mobile phone uses are illegal.

Can You Vlog While Driving For Instacart?

Many of the international students are doing instacart jobs to make some income and extra income for their living expenses and education tuition fees. Also, they are making YouTube videos to make passive income through YouTube AdSense money.

You can definitely vlog while driving for an instacart shopper job. But for doing an instacart job you need a clean driving and traffic record. If you violate any traffic law you can’t be an instacart service shopper applicant.

Final Verdict

Vlogging is a really fun thing to do. But everyone must need to know can you vlog while driving and the legal rights and traffic law. Now, you know is it illegal to film yourself while driving. Always make sure you’re driving safely.

Remember, If you return home as a corpse for bad driving, it is better to focus on driving. It’s your life and you decide what is good for you and bad for you. Thank You.

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