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Vlogging is a trending thing to do right now. We often see people on youtube are sharing their lifestyle through a video. But this kind of video is not complicated to create.

Many people do know anything about video making and want to make videos like other vloggers on youtube. This blog is really helpful for them.

I’m Nahian Porosh. A professional blogger and vlogger. I made many videos on youtube and share my thoughts about vlogging and video making.

I have used many cameras in the last four years. All camera that I have used is really good. Some of the cameras are not so expensive at all. But the question arises here that is only a camera is good enough to start your vlogging channel. That is why this gear and equipment section is very handy for you.

If you to know more about equipment’s and gear. You can visit my recommended gear page from the head section.

Thank you

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