9 Common Problems With iPhones (With Solutions)



9 Common Problems With iPhones (With Solutions)

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Nearly 1 billion iPhones have been sold, so it’s no surprise that users occasionally have problems with their phones. But don’t worry about it.

Like most iPhone users, you’ve probably encountered at least one problem with your device that you couldn’t solve. If you want to get rid of all common problems, you should read the entire article.

Here are 9 common iPhone problems and their solutions.

1. iPhone Isn’t Turning On

There are a few things that people might not like about iPhones. One of the biggest complaints is that the battery life is not as good as some other android phones on the market. Another issue that some people have is that the phone is a bit expensive.

Fix your dead iPhone following easy steps

Despite these complaints, iPhones are still a well recognized and premium phone on the market. But, why sometimes is your iPhone not turning on?

There are several reasons why iPhones may not turn on. Some common reasons include a dead battery, a broken screen, or a problem with the phone’s electrical system.

If you’re having trouble turning your iPhone on, try these solutions:

How to fix while your iPhone isn’t turning on

Check The Battery:

If the battery is dead, try charging it up using the provided charger. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the battery with a professional technician.

Check The Screen:

If the screen is broken, you’ll need to get a replacement screen.

Check For Electrical Problems:

If the phone is just not turning on, try plugging it into a different charger to see if that fixes the problem. If not, there may be a problem with the phone’s electrical system.

Hard Reset Your iPhone:

This is the last resort, but if nothing else works try resetting the phone. To do this, if you are using the latest iPhones then it will be very easy for you.

How to hard reset your iphone

Restore Your Phone To Its Original Factory Settings:

This will erase all your data and settings on the phone and start from scratch. If you want to keep your data, you can try restoring it to a different date or time.

Get Help From A Professional:

If none of these solutions work, it might be time to get help from a professional. A technician could check to see if there is a problem with the battery, the screen, or the electrical system on your phone.

These are some common problems and their solutions, while your iPhone isn’t turning on normally.

Cautions: If you are not a technical person, please don’t try to fix it yourself. Go to your nearest mobile servicing center and ask for help.

2. iPhone Lock Screen Frozen

If your iPhone lock screen is frozen, there are a few things you can try.

First, try restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, you can try to force restart your phone by pressing and holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time until the iPhone logo appears.

If that still doesn’t work, you can try to restore your iPhone from a backup. Otherwise, you can go for the hard resetting option or ask for help from a professional person for assistance.

Here is a youtube tutorial video that will help you visually to fix your frozen problem.

3. Iphone Battery Life Is Too Short

A common problem I have found is using different chargers or cables for your iPhone. If your iPhone battery life is shorter than you’d like it to be, there are a few things that you can do to improve it.

First and foremost, make sure that you’re not using your iPhone excessively. If you’re only using it for basic tasks like checking email, calling, and browsing the web, then your battery should last quite a bit longer.

Make sure you’re using the correct apps and settings. For example, turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them can help save battery life.

Secondly, try to keep your iPhone’s battery charged as much as possible. If you have an outlet near your bed or work desk, plug your iPhone in when you get up in the morning and leave it plugged in all day long.

I always keep my eye on my battery usage and adjust my phone settings accordingly. That helps me a lot.

Finally, make sure that you backup your iPhone regularly. If something happens and you lose all of your data.

4. Iphone Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connection Isn’t Working

If your iPhone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection isn’t working, there are a few things you can try.

First, make sure that your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your other devices. Be sure that your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your router when you’re using one at home.

In the office, a Wi-Fi network is a must, so make sure your iPhone is on the same network as your computer. Whenever you’re using Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, you need to ensure that your iPhone is connected to the same network as the coffee shop’s router.

Next, try restarting your iPhone. Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button.

5. Iphone App Crashes

Oftentimes, when an iPhone app crashes, it can be difficult to reopen the app and resume where you left off. Here are some tips to help prevent app crashes from happening in the first place:

Make Sure Your Iphone Is Up-To-Date:

Apple releases new updates for its apps regularly, and if your iPhone is out of date, it may not be able to handle the new features or stability enhancements included in these updates. Make sure you update all of your apps to their latest versions.

Clear Your Cache And Data:

When an app crashes, it can leave behind temporary files and data that can cause problems when you try to reopen the app. To clear these files and data, open the setting and go to the application. There you will find a clear cache down below.

Use Caution When Downloading Third-Party Apps:

Some third-party apps may be more unstable than Apple’s own apps and may crash more often. Before you download any new app, make sure to read the reviews and check the app’s ratings to make sure it is a safe choice.

Make Use Of Multitasking:

When an app is in the background, it can still respond to keyboard and touch input. This can help you continue working on another task while the app crashes. To activate multitasking, double-tap the Home button or press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the multitasking icon appears.

Reset Your iPhone:

If none of these tips work and you’re still experiencing app crashes,

6. Iphone Camera Issues

When it comes to taking pictures and videos with your iPhone, there can be a few common problems.

Here are some solutions to some of the more common issues with the iPhone camera.

If your iPhone camera isn’t taking good pictures or videos, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue.
First, ensure that you have the latest software installed on your iPhone. This will help to improve the camera’s performance.

Secondly, If that doesn’t work, you can try to reset your iPhone. This will erase all of your data and settings, which may help to fix the issue.

Finally, if none of these solutions work, you can try to take the phone to an Apple store for a repair.

7. iPhone Face Id And Fingerprint Scanner Issues

There are a few common problems with iPhones that users may experience.

One issue is that the face ID and fingerprint scanner may not work as expected. Other issues include lost or stolen phones, problems with the phone’s battery, and problems with the phone’s camera.

Solutions to these problems vary depending on the problem, but most can be fixed with a simple solution.

When you’re using a face id on your iPhone, you must ensure that you are not using any musk and sunglasses. iPhone AI might not recognize you because of these products.

On the other hand, if you have a sweaty hand or a dirty hand, please clean your hand, before using the fingerprint sensor.

8. iPhone Speaker and Earpiece Problems

One of the most common issues with iPhones is the speaker and earpiece. It gets dirty all the time, whenever you leave your phone on our dirty table or leave it under the pillow before you go to sleep.

These two components can become damaged and stop working correctly. If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone speaker or earpiece, there are some solutions that you can try.

Why Is the Iphone Speaker Not Working?

If your iPhone speaker isn’t working, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

First, make sure that the iPhone is turned on and connected to a power source. If the speaker is working on other devices, it’s likely that it’s not the issue with your iPhone.

Next, try adjusting the volume on your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, you can try troubleshooting the speaker through Apple support.

Why Is The iPhone Earpiece Not Working?

If your iPhone earpiece isn’t working, there are a few potential issues you should check.

First, make sure that the earpiece is securely attached to your iPhone. If it’s not, you may need to replace the earpiece.

Second, make sure that the audio cable is connected to the earpiece and the iPhone correctly. If it’s not, you may need to replace the audio cable.

Finally, make sure that your iPhone is turned on and connected to a wireless network.

9. iPhone Ringtone and Vibration Issues

One common problem with iPhones is that the ringtone and vibration settings can be confusing and difficult to adjust.

Here are some tips on how to fix iPhone ringtone and vibration issues:

  1. Make sure that the ringtone you want to use is saved on your iPhone. You can find it in the Music app or in the Settings app.
  2. If the ringtone you want is not available in the Music app, you can try downloading a different ringtone from the App Store.
  3. If the ringtone you want is not available in the App Store, you can try downloading it from another iPhone or from a computer.
  4. If the ringtone still does not work, you can use an app called ToneBoost to adjust the ringtone volume.
  5. If the vibration setting on your iPhone is not working, you can try adjusting the vibration intensity level.


What are the hardware problems with the IPhone?

There are a few common hardware problems with iPhones that can affect performance or functionality. One of the most common problems is an iPhone that won’t turn on or has low battery life.

Other problems can include a broken screen, a defective home button, or an issue with the earphone jack. In some cases, a fix may involve replacing parts of the phone.

However, many of these issues can be resolved by following simple steps or using a repair service.

How Can I Fix Iphone Software Problems?

If your iPhone is not working properly, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem.

First, try resetting your iPhone by holding down the “home” button and the “power” button at the same time for about 10 seconds.

If that doesn’t work, you can try restoring your iPhone to its factory settings by using iTunes.

If that still doesn’t work, you can try a different phone or a different charger. If none of those solutions work, you can bring your iPhone into an Apple store for repair.


Have you experienced any of these issues? I hope you have enjoyed our article on common problems with iPhones and their solutions.

I hope that this article has helped you to fix some of these problems and has also informed you of what steps to take if you come across them in the future. Thank you for reading.

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