9 Common Problems With Electric Scooters (Explained)



9 Common Problems With Electric Scooters (Explained)

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So, your e-scooter is acting up. Should it stop you from riding them? Absolutely not!

Let’s discuss how you can fix and ride your e-scooter again.

9 Common Electric Scooter Problems:

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid & How to Fix Them

1. Electric Scooter Isn’t Working

So, is your e-scooter refraining from working or running adequately? Before we dive deeper into the know-how, you might want to look into the quickest fixes for these troubleshooting electric scooters. So, here are a few ways to troubleshoot your electric scooter.

  • Inspect The E-Scooter’s Battery

Generally, when your scooter doesn’t run, it can be due to loose connectors or wires. Your first task would be to check the cables for any abnormalities. If not, move on to reviewing the battery.

More often than not, this issue could arise due to an undercharged battery. New batteries need charging for about 18hours before running the vehicle. After the first run, ensure you recharge the battery for at least 12hours minimum.

It’s also wiser to review the charging port at this point if all tries go in vain. 

2. Troubleshooting The Brakes

Sometimes, when you notice that your scooter is running less time, that is, not more than fifteen minutes per charge, it could be related to the brakes or battery. Perhaps, your battery is too old and needs replacement. Or maybe the brakes aren’t aligned correctly.

If the brakes are attached too tight, you will have to take guidance from the manual to adjust them accurately.

3. E-Scooters With Dead Batteries

A dead battery doesn’t have to mean the end of your time with your beloved scooter. There’s a difference between a dead and a low battery. The e-scooter won’t switch on when it’s dead, whereas, with low batteries, it will turn on but won’t run.

In both cases, the solution is to charge it simply. It will take longer to fill its full power if it’s dead or entirely drained.

4. E-Scooter’s Kill Switch Is On

The kill switch can help users in saving a lot of energy. Most of the time, when the e-scooter’s engine doesn’t start, you need to inspect the kill switch and if it’s on.

You can also do it in case of a dead or low battery. To rectify the situation, simply turn off the kill switch and try starting the e-scooter.

5. Electric Scooters With A Blown Fuse

Since e-scooters run on battery, you might face electric issues every now and then. If there’s a blown-out fuse within the system, the e-scooter will not turn on. One way to get out of this murky situation is by checking the ignition or main fuse. Switch them on, and then try restarting the engine.

6. Electric Scooters Running Sluggishly

Let’s get real; it’s very annoying to deal with a sluggish e-scooter, especially when you have to be somewhere fast. This situation may arise when the electric scooter is overloaded.

Ensure always to have a maximum weight of 54kgs on the product so that the e-scooters can maintain top-tier performance at all times. Sluggish performance can also occur due to brakes’ improper adjustment. Simply refer to the manual and realign the brakes to eradicate this issue.

7. E-Scooter Heats Up

Whereas it might look like the electric scooter is heating up, it’s actually the engine overheating. Some newer models don’t have this persisting issue.

However, others do. One reason for this phenomenon to occur is when the battery heats up. This could mean that the e-scooter’s battery life span has also declined. The solution is to switch off the engine and let the scooter cool off.

Afterward, ensure to review and see if there are any fused or damaged wires. If yes, you will need assistance from a repair shop and not delay at all.

8. E-Scooters With Low Acceleration

If your scooters seem to be dragging or running at a lower speed than usual, it could indicate fuse or controller issues. These are mechanical issues and demand help from professionals in repair shops.

9. General Pro And Cons of Electric Scooters:

The Pros:

  • Electric Scooters Are Quite Convenient

Scooters are one of the most convenient transportation modes you can use. You can quite conveniently reach to your desired spot within a few minutes.

Furthermore, these are the perfect alternatives for amateurs and young people too. 

  • You Don’t Need A Driver’s License

In many countries, scooters are far more convenient because you don’t need a license to drive them. This eliminates all the additional costs.

  • Electric Scooters Have Easy Maneuverability

Driving e-scooters are not too different from driving traditional bikes. This is why many amateurs turn out to be experts within a short period of time.

  • Electric Scooters Are Eco-Friendly

The most beneficial upside of e-scooters is that it doesn’t consume enormous greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional bikes or cars. E-scooters can be one step toward reducing global warming.

  • Electric Scooters Don’t Contribute To Air Pollution

Believe it or not, e-scooters are pretty adequate for reducing and improving the surrounding air quality. The contribution sums up tremendously, especially in bigger cities where dark smogs fill up nature. 

  • E-Scooters Have Low Operating Costs

Did you know that the maintenance costs are pretty affordable for e-scooters? Yes, they are! Since you’ll be traveling shorter distances, the expenses are limited. Moreover, you can also rent scooters which is a big plus.

  • E-Scooters Can Save You A Ton Of Energy

Let’s face it; we’re all tired of burning non-renewable energy and gases every day by riding traditional bikes. Additionally, e-scooters don’t require as much force or energy as you do on bicycles or other transportation means.

The physical effort is lower; thus, the burnout and exhaustion are too. 

  • E-Scooters Have Easy Fixes

To be fair, the mechanisms behind building and maintaining an e-scooter aren’t rocket science. Thus, it comes with quick fixes if something breaks or goes through generic wear and tear. You can DIY the fixes or even have them fixed at a cheaper rate.

The Cons:

  • Only best utilized for shorter distances
  • The design can only serve a limited weight range
  • Most issues are related to overcharging
  • E-scooters come with little or no storage at all
  • Prone to accidents if driven without scooter lanes
  • Slower than most traditional bikes
  • E-scooters are a bit overpriced


The key is maintenance so your e-bike can seamlessly serve you in the long run. Additionally, it helps to know a few tricks of fixes and troubleshooting.

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