20 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas: That Get More Subscribers



20 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas That Get More Subscribers

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You want to make youtube shots videos that get more views and subscribers, right? If so, then this is the article for you.

We’ve got the best YouTube shorts video ideas for you. We’ve compiled a list of 20 shorts video ideas that will help grow your channel and increase your subscriber base. It doesn’t matter what kind of videos you make or how many subscribers you have. These tips are guaranteed to work! So sit back, relax, and enjoy our top 20 list of ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

The best part about all these tips is that they don’t require any special equipment or expensive software. They can be done with just a smartphone camera and some creativity (and maybe even some friends).

And if you follow them closely, we promise it won’t take long before your subscriber count starts growing exponentially! Now let’s get started.

What is YouTube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts is a collaborative program in which people post “shorts.” Youtube has introduced a new type of video format that’s 60 seconds long and less than 1 minute. Unlike the usual 3-5 minutes long videos on YouTube, this short form was first brought to their platform by Tiktok who found great success with it, So YouTube has now started rolling out this system onto creator channels as well.

Are you Serious About YouTube Shorts!

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We love it! It’s like the kid brother to YouTube’s older brother and sister. The goal is not perfection but honesty. So people can speak their minds without feeling like what they say will end up on CNN or Fox News.

Do YouTube Shorts Bring More Views and Subscribers?

Do you feel like your YouTube channel is stagnant? Are you stuck in the dreaded “subscriber hole?” Well, today we’ll be talking about a new strategy that can help get more subscribers and views on your videos. Ready to see what it is? Keep reading!

YouTube shorts are short video clips of up to 1 minute long and they’re great for making your content look professional and polished. They don’t take as much time or production value as longer videos do, so if you’re looking for an easy way to step up your game then this is perfect for you.

11 Millon Subscribers Just From YouTube Shorts Videos
11 Millon Subscribers Just From YouTube Shorts Videos

All it takes is a few minutes of planning before filming and editing afterward with some basic software such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. If you don’t know how to edit your youtube shorts videos, you can even hire someone on Fiverr.com just for $5.

It’s possible that the YouTube short of the star creates an impression among viewers of somebody who appears accessible and “regular.” A lot of people simply want to feel like they’re talking directly to the person whose video they are watching, and this is hard with pre-recorded videos. It may also be true that shorter videos make for less demanding viewing, which might help users remember them better. The trade-off here is length; it’s often argued that longer vids offer more opportunity for storytelling and personality building than shorter ones.

The frequency of subscribers or views does not depend on how long or short the videos are given that there is a well-known user following before this change in video content was put into effect by YouTube. This Better Marketing case study clearly shows how they were able to bring views and subscriptions to their new YouTube channel very quickly.

If you want to know more about how to quickly get subscribers and views using YouTube short videos on a small channel, you can watch the video below.

20 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas Lists

The following youtube shorts video ideas can bring you billions upon billions of views and subscriptions:

1. Micro Projects

Micro projects are a solution to a lot of problems in the world. When people think about change, they often believe that it requires big, elaborate plans and collaborations from all different parts of society. But science has taught us that small changes can have just as big an impact as large ones! In 2001, researchers at Harvard University published a study finding that showed how simply shifting one’s refrigerator to the far wall of the kitchen was able to increase produce consumption by 67%.

Similarly, We often create a long 10-minute youtube video, but how you can create the same video in just 60 seconds. If you’re making a video “how to paint your wall” and that video length is 10 minutes long. In Youtube shorts, Instead of making a full video guide, you have to outline and explain brief little snippets of the same video in 60 seconds.

2. Recycled Content

If your YouTube channel already has a variety of videos, you can easily re-introduce a smaller version of that video to your audience via YouTube Sots.

3. Entertainment

There are many ways to find new video ideas, but one of the quickest and most fun ways is by looking at trending videos on YouTube. In this way, you’ll be able to see what other content creators are creating for their newest videos without having to go through a ton of different channels or people’s blogs to find out. You can also brainstorm new video ideas that might work as a continuation of another popular video.

You have to grab those viral entertainment content from the trending section and make it a short youtube video.

4. Micro Reviews

Micro reviews are becoming more and more popular. You can sell anything you want on these micro review videos because they’re only a few minutes long. Plus, there is no better way to promote your product than by having real people do it for you.

Examples: Review of the hoover steam mop or how I created my first youtube video all about this stuff Micro Reviews Videos are great ways to increase subscribers if done right. If not, then they could work against you so be careful.

Examples: How To Make A Youtube Channel Or Introduction Video Reviews This type will likely bring in fewer subscribers but still provides some value as well as revenue opportunities (ads).

5. Experiments

YouTube is a great place to experiment with different types of videos. YouTube experiments, for instance, are great ways to test out new things and see what works best.

Examples: Try Not To Laugh Challenge or The Secret Behind My YouTube Success. YouTube Experiments There are so many possibilities when it comes to YouTube experiments! You can do anything from tests on how long your subscribers will watch before they click away, the effects that music has on video retention rates, or even just showing off something cool you have done in real life.

6. Myth Busting

YouTube is a place where you can spread your knowledge and learn something new about the world around us. If someone wants to know whether or not it’s true that honey will attract bees, they could look up this type of YouTube video for answers.

YouTube Myths Busted These types of videos are great ways to start getting more subscribers because they answer questions people have been asking their whole lives.

Examples: Will Crashing Into A Meteorite Hurt You Or Can I Put Coconut Oil In my Coffee?

7. Amazing Facts

YouTube is a great place to learn new things! There are so many YouTube videos that share amazing facts about interesting topics, which makes them perfect for YouTube.

Examples: 20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew Or 25 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Amazing Fact Videos YouTube fact videos can be fun and entertaining as well as informative. So if you’re looking for something different on your channel, then this might just be the right choice for you!

Examples: Top 100 Country Songs Of All Time or This Man Hasn’t Shaved For 30 Years And His Beard Is Incredible To see all of our top tips. #Vlogs Vlogging has become very popular because it allows people from all over the world

8. Story Telling

It’s a cold and rainy night outside, so my friend and I decided to stay in the house. My friend is really into mixtapes and we were talking about how we each have an album worth of youtube short stories for when we’re bored. We got on the topic of our favorite YouTube storyteller: Ryan Seacrest! Everyone knows him from American Idol or his radio show, but he has this daily web series called “Story Telling” where he tells these great tales that are usually true with a little twist at the end (and it’s all made up!). We love to watch every single one because they’re like good old-fashioned ghost stories you used to hear around campfires with your friends. It started raining outside.

Are you Serious About YouTube Shorts!

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Sharing the story is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. It can be an amazing form of self-expression and it has been done for centuries in art forms such as painting or music, but now anyone with access to video technology may share their stories too!

Sharing your life’s moments on youtube through Story Telling short videos might not only help you get some closure after they happen; telling them online removes many barriers that come along when sharing these personal moments face-to-face (such as privacy concerns).

You can start a whole youtube channel in Story Telling. This might be the best way to share any stories from novels and books.

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9. Micro Skills

Have you been thinking about starting a youtube channel? Micro Skills will boost your growth. It’s targeting, it’s fun, and it’ll help you gain subscribers fast!

Standard benefits:

  • Get 10,000 new subscribers in 2 weeks.
  • Increase your channel views by 20%.

Emotional benefits:

  • Be the most popular youtube channel out there.
  • Get more likes and comments on each video you post

10. Summaries

If you’re a beginner or experienced teacher and need help getting started with YouTube, then consider

Want to start a youtube channel but don’t know where or how? Summaries can be the best option for you. It’s an easy-to-use platform that will help guide beginners with everything they need, including video creation tips.

11. Tech Tips

Tech Tips offers a variety of helpful videos on how to use the latest technology. These short, informative clips are perfect for any tech YouTuber who is looking to boost their subscriber count.

12. History

History shorts videos on YouTube can be the best option for YouTubers. It will boost your tech-savvy subscribers with a new perspective and fresh look at historical events.

13. Motivational

The best way to boost your Motivational youtube channel subscribers is with a motivational short video. These types of channels can get the most views and if you are looking for some fresh new content then this might be just what it takes.

14. Food Challenges

If you’re looking for a way to boost your food channel on YouTube, then the Food Challenges videos are perfect. These short clips will get more viewers than any other kind of video and can be considered an excellent starting point if YouTubers want people who don’t watch them regularly or even at all yet!

15. Craft Making (Hyperlapse)

A craft-making YouTube channel can be the best option for YouTubers. It will boost your subscribers, views and get you more viewers! Craft making videos on youtube has been proven to bring in traffic from all over which means that with this one simple change anyone could take their total subscriber count up by at least 50%.

16. Fitness

Have you been thinking about starting your own fitness channel on Youtube? The first step is to subscribe to Fitness Shorts Videos and then follow these easy steps:

The average length of a YouTube video should not exceed 15-20 minutes. Upload at least 3 times per week so that people can see new content when they log into their favorite social media site or search for information online Make sure there are tags such as “fitness” in the title field, along with all important keywords like ‘workout’ & ‘calorie burn.’

A fitness video on YouTube can boost your subscriber count and make you more money. It is the best medium for Fitness content creators, so don’t wait any longer.

17. Couple Pranks

If you’re looking to expand your Couple Pranks channel and get more subscribers, then this is the right video for YouTubers. Most views on youtube come from couples who are pranking each other–so it’s important that any clips shared have a lot of laughs.

18. Online Earning Ideas

It’s true that many people want to make money online. You can promote your products and services with Online Earning video ideas on YouTube, but the CPM for this kind of videos is too high every time.

19. Kids Toy Reviews

Every kid deserves a toy, and if they’re lucky enough to have you as their parents then there are so many things that can be done. Buy them the newest craze for Christmas or birthdays- make an instructional video on how YOU prefer it used! Kid’s Reviews Youtube shorts get hundreds of thousands views every month from kids just like them who want more information about these awesome products before purchasing.

20. Education

If you are a teacher and enjoy teaching then youtube can be the biggest platform for online learning. After making Education videos on Youtube, I have been able to create shorts tutorials that teach students about various topics in language arts! These educational video lessons sell well because they’re easy enough for anyone could follow them with little to no previous knowledge required.

Are you Serious About YouTube Shorts!

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Perfect YouTube Shorts Video Length

Shorter is better. The ideal YouTube video length is less than a minute if you want to have a long audience. Every second past 60 seconds of engagement time leads to an equivalent drop of 2% in the user’s odds of subscribing or sharing your post! 39% of visitors will abandon a webpage if it takes longer than 3 seconds for the web page to load, which means increasing engagement on Instagram-sized videos is that much more important for scouring New Likes from possible followers and customers alike.

YouTube Shorts Aspect Ratio and Size

The new YouTube shorts interface is designed for vertical viewing. It appears that the aspect ratio of 9:16 (which equals 4:3) was chosen for this reason, which is still very kind on computer monitors and mobile devices screens.

And if your video needs to play full size then you can just press “Enter” or use the ‘maximize’ button on mobile devices. But on larger screens like televisions, it will only fill the screen with black bars on either side (or sometimes partway up).

Are Most YouTube Shorts Go Viral Than Regular Videos?

In theory, yes. A viral YouTube video can take a few hours to make its way around the internet and grow exponentially in web viewers.

In practice though, it often takes a while for a short video to gain traction on YouTube where a longer-form video may breakthrough much more quickly because of the attention span of many viewers. For this reason, it’s typically easier to go viral with long-form videos, which also means that they’re not as highly monetized as shorts typically are.

For these reasons, it’s typically easier for Google themselves or other organizations to produce content that goes viral rather than regular users because of their ability to hold attention spans for longer than most people can on their own.


Do YouTube Shorts Monetized Your Channel Fast?

YouTube monetization is a complex process governed by many factors. The number of views, watch time, likes and dislikes are not the only determining factors in whether or not you will be monetized. If you fulfill the YouTube monetization guideline, then yes it does.

To qualify for this, all that has to be done is make sure the content you upload complies with their policies and community guidelines. This includes following copyright law uploading someone else’s work without permission using YouTube’s hyperlink affiliate links to get revenue from outside of YouTube channels, or uploading ads in public videos, or doing non-qualified product placement in your own video.

Do YouTube Shorts Makes More Money?

Recent statistics show that creators are making an average of $100 to $10,000 a month. Recently YouTube announced 100 million YouTube Shorts Fund where they will provide up to $100,000 from a new fund to help select shorts from projects which have been sharing their videos on the platform for at least six months.

Final Verdict

It’s time to stop watching the videos and start making them. Have you checked out our video ideas list? If not, you should get started now! You can’t just watch YouTube all day long anymore. Get a head-start on your competition by sharing content that is genuinely interesting and engaging with an audience hungry for more of what they’re seeing. Whether it be comedy skits or product demonstrations, there are plenty of ways to share your message while also being entertaining in these short clips on YouTube.

We’ve compiled 20 YouTube shorts video ideas from across the web so you have somewhere to start when brainstorming new material for future posts. But don’t copy someone else’s idea without permission first though.

Are you Serious About YouTube Shorts!

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