16 Most Common Problems with Canon Printers (Explained)



10 Most Common Problems with Canon Printers (Explained)

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Canon printers are very famous worldwide as well as a well-known brand. They have a good reputation in the market. Canon printers are good for use, but there are some issues you need to know if you haven’t bought them yet.

So if you are planning to buy a canon printer, then you must know the pros and cons of the printer.

In this article, I will be discussing the 16 most common problems with Canon printers. Keep reading for more details.

16 Most Common Problems with Canon Printers

1. Keep Showing “Ink is Running Out”

Your printer can show “ink is running out” even if you are not actually running out of inks. The message keeps appearing as a warning that you should always have a new cartridge. But don’t install it until it stops printing pages. Check your ink level, if it is actually low then use the new cartridge.

2. Photos, Web Pages, Excel Sheets Don’t Print Properly

Web pages don’t have any exact size as they are not meant for printing. So for this problem select print preview. Sometimes there is a problem when you print a photo. For Excel sheets, select the only cells that you need to print.

3. Empty Paper Tray

It is a common problem with printers. When you don’t have any papers on the paper tray, you cannot print. Your printer will signal if you are out of paper by blinking a light or an error message. So add more papers to the paper tray to solve the problem.

4. Paper Jam

The most common problem with all the printers is a paper jam. It can cause a lot of problems for your printer. Paper jammed inside the printer won’t let you print anything. If there is some residue of paper inside the printer it can cause trouble.

5. Errors In Ink Cartridge

The ink cartridge is very important in printers operation. The canon printer can stop working if there is a slight error in one of them. You can replace the ink cartridge for this type of problem.

6. Some Wireless Issues

Now a days, almost all canon printers are wireless. There may be a problem with your internet connection for that reason your computer is not connected to the printer. Check the Wi-Fi connection if it is not connected, turn off and on the router to solve the problem.

7. Printer Driver Is Corrupted

The printer driver is installed in the computer and it works as a wireless connection. It will command the printer what to print as it works as an intermediate for the printer and the devices. So if there is some issue with the driver it will cause trouble in the printing.

8. Issues With Ink Tank

The ink tank may not have been installed in a proper position. If there is enough ink but it shows a signal, then you probably haven’t properly installed the ink tank properly. The ink tank may not have been installed securely.

9. Open Inner Cover

The printer can give you trouble if the inner cover is open while you are printing. So close the inner cover and press ok and print again.

10. The CD-R Tray Is Not Set Properly

If the inner cover is closed or the CD-R tray is not properly set, then DVD/CD printing will not start. Open the inner cover and set the CD-R tray properly and the machine will just run fine.

11. The Machine May Not Be Ready

A lamp maybe lit on the operation panel. Check if there are any lamps are off, press the ON/OFF on the machine.

12. The Device Is Not Selected In The Printer Driver

If you are using a driver that is from another printer, then the device will not print accordingly.

13. The Printer Port Is Not Configured Properly

The port setting may not be correct, select the print setting at your convenience.

14. The Printable DVD/CD Is Not Placed Correctly On The CD-R Tray

DVD/CD printing will not start if the DVD/CD is not placed correctly on the CD-R Tray.

15. Unmatched Size Of Paper

If you supply unmatched paper size to the printer, it will not print properly.

16. Dusty Printer Heads

Dust can cause trouble with your printing. Try to clean the printer head periodically. If you need to know, how often should you clean your printers? This blog post will help you with proper instructions.

Some FAQs

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing?

There are many reasons for this. As I have discussed many problems above, the main factors that prevent your printer from printing properly; are paper jams, empty ink tank, uneven paper size, dusty print heads, error codes, poor connection, etc.

There are also ways to fix the problems, so nothing to worry about unless there is some serious issue with your printer.

Why My Canon Printer Is Printing Black Pages Even If It Has Ink?

It happens when the printer head nozzles are clogged. Cartridges should not be empty, try to install them. You can call for some professional help for this.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing All The Pages?

This problem can be related to the pdf file. Select the ‘page sizing and handling’ section on the Acrobat print menu and try to adjust it.

Why Is My Printer Cutting Off The Bottom Of Every Page?

The main reason for the problem is the bottom margin or footer margin is outside of the selectable area.

Where Is The Reset Button On My Canon Printer?

There is no such particular reset button on a Canon printer, but you can reset your printer by following these steps:

First of all, turn the printer Off then press and hold the Stop button for a couple of seconds, and then press the ON button on your printer and release the STOP button.

When you press and hold the ON button, you press the STOP button as well for some time and then release all buttons. After a minute turn off the printer again. Now your printer will be reset.


Canon is an amazing printer. But sometimes there are some common problems we face while using it. But we need to troubleshoot the problems and they are kind of easy to fix.

So, I hope now you have gained some knowledge about the most common problems of canon printers and can decide if you want to buy them or not.


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