15 Funny Challenges Video Ideas For YouTube (With Friends)



15 Funny Challenges Video Ideas For YouTube (With Friends)

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Are you looking for new funny challenge video ideas? Do you want to get more views on your YouTube videos?

If so, then this list of 15 funny challenges for YouTube is perfect for you. These 15 funny challenge videos will get more views on YouTube. These challenges are guaranteed to make your viewers laugh and keep them coming back for more.

You’ll be able to create some of the most popular videos on YouTube with these fun, creative, and unique ideas. And, this list is perfect if you want to try something different or just need some fresh inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

15 Funny Challenges Video Ideas For YouTube With Friends

These are just a few of the fun challenges that will help boost your channel’s viewership. Get ready to have some fun with these hilarious ideas.

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1. The Ice Bucket Challenge

I remember hearing about the Ice Bucket Challenge back in 2014. This was a campaign where you poured ice water over your head and donated money to ALS research.

People on social media were doing it too, but they would film themselves dumping buckets of freezing cold water onto their heads as part of this challenge while challenging others to do so or donate funds to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord causing muscle weakness leading with loss physical function that eventually progresses paralysis death from respiratory failure within only 3-5 years after diagnosis according to some doctors.

Pro tips: you can make a youtube channel and make this kind of challenging content on your channel. YouTube loves this kind of interesting content on their platform and also people love it too.

2. The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge is a challenge that consists of trying to eat one tablespoon of cinnamon within 60 seconds.

The goal for many people who engage in this activity is not necessarily the act itself, but rather how it will make them feel afterward once they have accomplished their task.

Some individuals like having an excuse to perform something dangerous or quirky while others just want attention from other friends and family members on social media platforms such as YouTube.

The Cinnamon Challenge used to be popular back when most teens were simply bored with life, had no responsibilities yet, and wanted some recognition online by performing risky behaviors.

However, now there are more serious issues at hand than gaining followers through videos posted about eating spices without water. Which could cause you to harm if done incorrectly.

Do not eat more than one tablespoon of cinnamon powder. If you did it correctly, it will not harm you at all.

3. The Hot Pepper Challenge

The Hot Pepper Challenge, also known as the “Crazy Chili Game” is a contest that started on Facebook where participants film themselves eating increasingly hot chili peppers.

Participants post their videos to social media and share them with friends for support while they attempt to eat spicy peppers without drinking any liquids or other foods which might help ease the pain from ingesting these scorching vegetables.

The popular online game called “Hot Pepper Challenge” has become something of an internet sensation in recent years.

While some people remain quite enthusiastic about taking part in this challenge, others are not so sure if it’s wise trying out what may be best described as a very bizarre way of spending time together with family members and close friends – at least during those days when your

4. The Saltine Cracker Challenge

The Cracker Challenge is the new viral internet trend where people try to eat as many saltine crackers in a minute. Videos of this challenge have become extremely popular on YouTube and social media, but can you beat it?

The Saltine Cracker Challenge has taken over electronic devices across America with its newest Internet sensation- eating two packs every 60 seconds for one whole minute! Can you handle that amount of salty crunchiness or will your stomach be begging for mercy before even halfway through? One thing’s certain though. These videos are HILARIOUS!

5. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

It was the day of my high school graduation and I had to give a speech. I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to say, but then someone said “try not to laugh”. As soon as the words left their mouth, everyone around me began laughing hysterically.

They were all looking at me with furrowed brows, awaiting a response from me. The room fell silent as they waited for my answer. My heart pounding in my chest, I calmly spoke up:

“In order to try not to laugh, you have two options:

  1. Put some water on your mouth. If anyone cheating he or she will instantly caught.
  2. Laugh.

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where there is an unbearable amount of tension and frustration? Do the people around seem to be acting out, making it impossible for anyone else to make them laugh or smile. Well, then this video might just help lift some spirits!

6. The Whisper Challenge

The Whisper Challenge is a new viral trend on YouTube. The rules are simple: stand in front of a camera and have your friend whisper something to you from behind the camera, then repeat what they said as loud as possible. It’s harmless fun that can lead to some pretty funny moments!

7. Marshmallow Challenge

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a marshmallow? Now you can! With the Marshmallow Challenge, all you have to do is hold a marshmallow in your mouth for as long as possible without swallowing.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, we’re pretty sure that after watching this video of people trying out the challenge for themselves, you’ll understand why it’s so hard.

It turns out that holding something soft and squishy between your teeth isn’t exactly easy when there’s no way to swallow or breathe around it. The first few seconds are fine but then suddenly everything goes wrong and before you know it. You’ve swallowed the thing whole!

So if anyone tells us they want to try this again next year. We’re not going near them with any kind of food product ever again. We don’t care how many times they ask us nicely.

But if someone does manage to hold on for more than five minutes (and doesn’t die), we’ll give them $100 bucks just because we feel bad about laughing at their expense! And since everyone loves money (especially free money) here’s our link where you can sign up now so that next time one of these challenges comes along – YOU’LL be ready!

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya though, this might make things awkward at Thanksgiving dinner later on down the road.

8. Bottle Cap Challenge

You’ve seen the ice bucket challenge, but have you tried the bottle cap challenge? The Bottle Cap Challenge is the latest viral trend to sweep across social media.

The bottle cap challenge is a fun way to raise awareness for ALS. All you need is an empty water bottle and some creativity! It’s easy to do, so why not give it a try?

It’s a simple concept, but it’s also incredibly difficult to master. You just have to pop off a bottle cap using only your thumb and index finger! But don’t worry if you can’t do it on your first try, because even some of the most famous celebrities in the world are having trouble with this one!

If you want to be able to impress all of your friends at parties or bars then follow these step-by-step instructions for how to complete this challenge successfully.

And once you get good enough, we bet that people will start asking YOU for tips when they see how easy it is for you! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show everyone what kind of skills you really have!

9. T-Shirt Challenge

You love t-shirts. We get it. But what if we told you there was a way to wear more t-shirts than ever before?

The T-Shirt Challenge is a fun way to see if you can fit more than one t-shirt in your body! We’ve seen people try all sorts of different ways, but we think the best method is just putting them on like a backpack. You can also try wearing them as pants or even using them as a pillow. It’s up to you how many shirts you want to use and how creative you get with this challenge!

If that sounds like an interesting challenge for yourself or your friends, then go ahead and give it a shot! All you need are two t-shirts and some creativity.

Let us know what happens by sharing your photos on social media with #tshirtchallenge so we can see what kind of crazy things everyone comes up with. We love seeing our customers have fun with their clothes!

10. Bottle Flip Challenge

No one is sure of the origins of the bottle flip challenge, but there are some who say that it was started by a group of kids in New York City.

The game starts with empty plastic water or soda bottle placed on its side and balanced carefully on its mouth. A player then flips the bottle overusing either his hands, feet, or anything else he can find to make contact with it (like a chair).

If successful, the player will hear the sound of glass hitting the glass as their bottle lands upright and stable; if not successful they will hear what’s known as “bottle fail” – two loud clinks followed by a smash.

This game has become increasingly popular among people around all ages for recreation and competition alike because while some players.

11. Lemon Eating Challenge

Interest: The lemon eating challenge is a fun way for people to test their limits and have some laughs. It’s also a great way to get your friends together for an exciting night out.

If you think you can eat more lemons than anyone else, this is the perfect opportunity! You don’t even need any special equipment – just bring yourself and we’ll provide everything else that you need.

Desire: Think of all the bragging rights that come along with winning this challenge! And if you lose, it doesn’t matter because everyone will be laughing about it in no time at all.

We promise there won’t be any hard feelings here – just lots of laughter as people try not to choke on these sour fruits. This event is sure to be one that your friends talk about for years after they’ve left our restaurant! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today before spots fill up!

12. Never Have I Ever Challenge

The Never Have I Ever Challenge is a fun game for all ages. There are no limits to the number of participants, but they do have to be able to hear you and read your lips.

You can play with as many people as you would like, but it’s best if everyone has their own turn. The idea is that each person must share something they’ve never done without being called out by an opponent before moving on to the next player – the last one standing wins!

Everyone starts off with five fingers down, then someone says “never have I ever” and everyone puts up a finger if they’ve done what was said. If someone else has also participated in this event/action/adventure, then their hand stays up and so does.

Here is a story of mine. I had been playing this game with my friends for about an hour and was feeling like I needed to take a break. But before I could suggest we stop, one of my friends came up with an idea. “Never have I ever…been to the beach.”

“I’ve never been to the beach!” someone shouted.

There were lots of gasps in our group as everyone started shouting their own Never Have I Evers. There were so many things that most people hadn’t done! And since no one else had challenged me yet, it seemed only fair that if they got something wrong then they should drink.

13. No Hand Eating Challenge

I am going to be eating an entire meal without using my hands. Sounds easy right? Wrong! I’m not sure what I was thinking when I challenged myself to this, but it has been a challenge.

It’s not that hard until you have to put your napkin on your lap or cut up the food into smaller pieces with a knife and fork! If you are feeling brave enough, take this challenge for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out something new about yourself in the process!

14. Guess The Song Challenge

Do you love music? Do you know all the lyrics to every song in your playlist and can sing out loud at any time? Well, we have a challenge for you!

We all love to listen to music and sing along, but can you guess the song?

This is a fun game that will challenge your knowledge of songs. You’ll be surprised at how many songs you know! It’s also a great way to discover new music. So get ready for some awesome tunes and start guessing!

If you think you have what it takes, then put your skills to the test with this Guess The Song Challenge! You won’t regret it. And if not, well…you might want to go back and brush up on your musical knowledge before trying again. But don’t worry. we’ll still like you even if we hear “I’m sorry” one too many times.

15. Get Splashed in The Face Challenge

Have you ever wanted to do a water challenge?

This is the funniest and most challenging video idea for youtube. You can do this challenge with friends and family. It’s easy, fun, and it will make your day!

The Get Splashed in The Face Challenge is the perfect way to get wet while having some laughs with your friends or family members. All you need is a bucket of water (or two) and someone who’s willing to splash you right back!

Then film yourself getting splashed in the face so everyone else can see how much fun it was! And don’t forget to share your videos on social media using #getsplashinthefacechallenge so we all know which ones are worth watching!


We hope these 15 Funny Challenges Video Ideas For YouTube With Friends have given you some inspiration to get started! If not, there are many more challenges on the internet that can help. Whatever it is that you decide to do – remember the most important thing is having fun and being with your friends. Enjoy!

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