128GB or 1TB: How Much 4K Video Can Hold Per GB?



How Much 4K Video Can Hold Per GB

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Card capacity is a much simpler matter than most of you think. An individual must have an idea of the capacity of the memory card. Hence they will not run out of space when filming. It also helps one to decide the kind of cards for the work. It is even more important when you want to take high-resolution videos like in 4K.

With this article, we will highlight how many videos can be held per GB.

What is 4K Videos?

4K videos are extremely high-resolution video footages that capture son professional high-quality cameras. 4K refers to the video resolution of the clip. It is also referred to as the frame size.

4K denotes that the video is of a much higher quality than Standard Definition or SD or High Definition or HD videos. The ultra-high-definition of the 4K videos has made them so very popular among users.

The standard frame size for such 4K videos is 4096 x2160 pixels. However different variants depend on issues like aspect ratio or the display setting of the camera.

However, one thing that remains unchanged is the width. It remains at 4000 pixels. The height however might change.

The 4k video resolution used in making cinemas does not have a fixed height. Filmmakers use different ratios, formats, and lenses for altering the height of the videos.

Video capacity on the memory cards

You must understand the capacity of the memory card that you will be using for shooting different kinds of videos. In this way, you can complete the entire shooting without running out of space. This also helps make decisions about the memory cards you need for the shoot.

In this article, we have highlighted how many hours or minutes of data you can record on different memory card sizes. This ranges from 32GB to 1TB.

One question that is there in the minds of individuals is that how many minutes of video can one store per GB. The answer is you can store 1.8 to 3.6 minutes of video per GB on the memory card. This is for video resolution of 2.7K to 4K.

This might sound reasonable for the users but if you are using a superior quality camera like a GoPro camera, you will not be able to shoot more than a few minutes per Gb. The standard resolution of the videos in GoPro cameras in 4K. As a result, you will be able to shoot less per GB.

Since the resolution is very high, the detailed way in which it captures pictures and videos is amazing. This also increases the scope for editing the videos and pictures later on.

The next question that comes to mind is how many videos can one shoot per Gb. One can shoot 1.8 to 3.6 minutes of videos for one GB. If the videos have an average running time of 45 seconds, then you can shoot two to five videos. This is however derived from the video resolution of 2.7 K to 4K.

5 Factors Affecting the Size of your Video

Different factors can affect the size of the video that you shoot. This will also determine the space that is available on the device. This consists of video bitrate, video length, frame rate, video container, and other files that are present on the card.

Video bitrate

Bitrate refers to the number of bits captured per second in the video file.

A higher bitrate means good quality of video and also a larger video file. The symbol used for bitrate is Mbps.

From HD videos to 4K videos, a user can get a bitrate ranging between 8 to 70 Mbps. This however is dependent on the frame rate. If you have a high frame rate (Fps), your bitrate will be high.

Frame rate

If a person increases the frame rate, then the size of the file increases too. HD video files usually double the bit rate and as a result, the file size is increased.

Video length

The length of the video also affects its size. The four-minute video will require more space than a two-minute video will need.

File format

What kind of file your camera generates also affects the file size. Some popular video formats are MOV, AVI, and MP4.

Photo files

Content creators, vloggers, or Youtubers not only shoot videos but also take pictures. Hence, one must never forget the size of the pictures. This also takes up space in the memory card.

How much 720P video can 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 512gb, and 1tb hold?

For videos of 720P resolution, 176 minutes can be recorded on 32GB, 260 minutes on 64GB, 352 minutes on 128GB, 1408 minutes on 512 GB, and 2816 minutes on 1TB.

How much 1080P video can 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 512gb, and 1tb hold?

For videos of 1080P resolution, 1.92 hours can be recorded on 32 GB, 3.84 hours on 64GB, 7.68 hours on 128 GB, 30.72 hours on 512GB, and 60 hours on 1TB.

How much 4k video can 32GB, 64GB, 128gb, 512gb, and 1TB hold?

For 4K resolution video, 0.96 hours can be recorded on 32GB, 1.92 hours on 64GB, 3.84 hours on 128 GB, 15.36 hours on 512 GB, and 30 hours on 1 TB.

How much 8k video can 32GB, 64gb, 128gb, 512gb, and 1TB hold?

For 8K resolution videos, 2 minutes can be recorded on 32 GB, 5 minutes for 64GB, 10 minutes for 128 GB, 42 minutes for 512 GB, and 83 minutes for 1TB.

How to calculate the average video size per GB of memory card?

For calculating the average size of the videos per Gb, one can insert the memory card in the slot. For ensuring it is empty, one can reformat it.

Then set your video resolution as per your needs. Next set the frame rate by changing it in the settings option. The available space on the memory card is denoted on the top left-hand side of the screen. You can then divide the time by the number of GB on the memory card.

This will help you to understand the number of minutes that you can store per GB on the memory card.

Video Resolution32GB64GB128GB512GB1TB
720P176 minutes260 minutes352 minutes1408 minutes2816 minutes
1080P1.92 hours3.84 hours7.68 hours30.72 hours60 hours
4K0.96 hours1.92 hours3.84 hours15.36 hours30 hours
8K2 minutes5 minutes10 minutes42 minutes83 minutes

How much storage do you need for vlogging?

If an individual wants to use the memory card for vlogging purposes, then they would require a memory card that has a good memory space.

If you have tried to shoot one or two videos on your smartphone, you might have realized that it takes a lot of space. This requirement of space increases when you will be shooting superior-quality footage. In such situations, you need double space.

There are different SD cards available in the market. A 64GB memory card is suitable for vlogging purposes and will be able to store the vlogging videos you shoot in a day. However, if you are shooting using a high-quality camera format like 4K then you will need a higher memory card like 128GB.

How much storage does a content creator need?

Content creators develop high-quality content for their audiences. As a result, they require SD cards that can read and write superior-quality content. This helps them in faster copying of the content from the camera.

As a result, content creators require at least 64 GB of cards at the minimum. If you need even better cards for faster copying of content, then 128 GB cards are ideal for your needs.

What hard drives do YouTubers use?

The hard drives are an easy way to store professional files when your laptop or Mac runs out of space.

For YouTubers who create content on regular basis, the hard drives are of much help as they can store data on them and keep their Mac or laptops free. External hard drives come in different shapes and sizes. One can pick and choose as per their needs.

Desktop external hard drives

These immobile hard drives can be used for home office setups. Available in multiple sizes and different interfaces like USB, e-SATA, and firewire, they are ideal for different needs of Youtubers. Most of these are SATA-based ones. However, there are Solid State Drive models that come with enhanced speeds.

These offer the best storage at their prices. However, for those Youtubers who are always on the move, there are other portable options.

Portable hard drives

Portable hard drives are either SSD or disk-based. They are not as speedy as the desktop external hard drives. For YouTubers who need high speeds, they might look for the SSD option.

Secure/Encrypted Portable Hard Drives

The secure/encrypted portable hard drives give extra protection and safety compared to the other hard drives available in the market. They have higher encryption that makes it difficult for anyone to access the content on the hard drive. Only the owner can access the content.

This is an expensive option but this is the best option if you are storing important data on your hard drive.

Depending on the need of the Youtubers, they can pick and choose the hard drives for their needs.

Ways to increase the photo capacity

Many people often wonder as to why they will ever need to shoot 8 hours videos in 4K format. But there are times when you will indeed shoot such videos and pictures. We have compiled four such situations when you will need more space.

Long trips

If you are going on a long trip, there are chances that you can take more than 20, 000 pictures. During the trip, there will be times when you will shoot some time-lapse videos. As a result of this, you need more space on the memory card for storing so much data.

Day-long adventure trips

There are times when you just want to capture everything first and worry about editing later on. This is true for day-long adventure trips.

You might go out on biking trips, snorkeling, motorcycle trips, or ziplining. These trips provide a great experience and you might want to record everything. As a result, you will need more space on the memory card.

Extended time-lapse videos

Some videos might take 20 to 30 minutes for shooting. While some other videos might take hours (8 hours or more) to shoot. It is for these extended time-lapse videos that you need more storage space on the memory card.


While most of you might be thinking of videos, you cannot forget pictures that you might be capturing on the camera. The pictures also take up a lot of space. And this is true after you come back from a trip. You will have loads of photographs and videos. And hence, having bigger storage is always helpful.

However, a good way to save space is to upload all the files on the laptop. It keeps the data secure. It also frees up space on the memory card, and one can use them for shooting the next day.

Memory card vs battery life

Many of us wonder as to which will last longer- the battery life or the space in the memory card.

The SD cards that are available in the market have a great amount of space. And hence there is no doubt that the SD cards will outlast the battery life. The standard battery will last for 70 minutes of shooting.

However, an individual will need two batteries for filling up a 64GB memory card. You will require seven batteries if you want to fill up a 245 GB card. This know-how is important during shooting videos.

Having a comprehensive idea about the video formats and how much 4K videos can be held per GB is important for individuals during taking photographs or for shooting.

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