10 Best Vlogging Equipment For Smartphone (That Work Great)



10 Best Vlogging Equipment For Smartphone

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If you are a newbie blogger, always be on the lookout for ways to improve your videos. Choosing the best vlogging equipment for a phone is very complicated. Right! But It’s not hard to start vlogging with just your phone and any equipment is good enough.

Have you ever wanted to share your life with the world?

Vlogging is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, or even just yourself. It’s also an amazing creative outlet for people who want to express themselves creatively but don’t have any other artistic skills. And it can be really fun! You get to choose what you film, where you film it, and how long you make each video. What could be better than that?

The best part about vlogging is that there are no limits on what kind of content you create – from makeup tutorials to cooking videos, anything goes! With so many different types of content out there, we know there will always be something for everyone. That means more views and more subscribers for your channel! Who doesn’t love those things?

But if you want some of the best camera gear for your smartphone then this article will tell you about 10 of the best items that will turn your video into something professional.

Keep reading, These 10 best vlogging equipment for the phone will improve your video quality and make a vlogging career out of it.

1. A Smartphone For Video Recording

vlogging with smartphone
vlogging with smartphone

Vlogging with a high quality camera smartphone will improve the quality of the video. If you have an iPhone, you have a good camera already.

The best smartphone for vlogging is the iPhone because it has the highest quality video and audio recording capabilities in its price range, which makes this phone perfect to use as your go-to device when filming videos! The iPhone 12 pro also offers an impressive battery life of up 12 hours on just a single charge.

But Android phones are also great for vlogging. The best android phone for vlogging is the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Oneplus 9 pro. This device has a large screen and can be used to film in portrait or landscape mode, which makes it perfect if you’re looking into filming your videos vertically! The battery life on this smartphone lasts up to 12 hours as well with just one charge so that’s another.

Camera quality for video is a big deal. If you’re looking to film your videos in HD or 4k, then the best smartphone for vlogging is either an iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21!

Dynamic range is important for low light filming. If you’re filming in low light then the best smartphone for vlogging is either an iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21, or Oneplus 9 pro.

The camera quality on these smartphones are so good that they can even be used as a professional video recording device, not just your phone to film with while traveling and exploring new places like most people do when starting out their own personal YouTube channel.

2. Tripod For Stability And Convenience

A smartphone tripod for vlogging videos is a must. You can find a tripod on Amazon for less than $30 and it is worth investing in one because you will be able to film your videos with stability.

The convenience of shooting from different angles without having someone else hold the phone or selfie stick while filming yourself vlogging videos.

The best smartphone tripods are ones that have an adjustable ball head mount so they’re easy enough to use by anyone who’s not used using this type of equipment before.

Best Smartphone Tripod: JOBY GorillaPod Stand

This stand has flexible legs which wrap around objects like trees branches making them perfect as stands when out exploring new places! The grip-tight rubber feet also make these great if there isn’t anything available where.

Source: GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO

3. Smartphone Tripod Adapter

Travel vloggers are always looking for the right way to mount their cameras. But smartphones don’t have any mounting options built in, so bloggers use an external smartphone tripod adapter that can securely hold a phone on top of a camera’s standard 1/4″ screw hole and connect it with a flexible arm or clamping mechanism.

Source: The Best Smartphone Tripod Adapter – MeFoto Sidekick 360 Review

4. Selfie Stick To Get A Better View Of The Action

A selfie stick is a device that can be used to take photos of yourself or selfies from different angles. This means you don’t have someone else hold the camera for every shot and also gives your vlogs more variety in terms of footage when filming with just one person.

The best thing about these sticks is that they’re lightweight, portable so easy enough to carry around even on hikes where there’s no phone signal available (although this might not work well as it will drain battery life).

They come at all price ranges too – some cheap ones start off under $20 while others go up into hundreds depending on how much money people want to spend but most importantly what features do need?

5. External Mic: To Capture High-Quality Sound

An external microphone like rode wireless go compact mic is a must-have for vloggers who want to capture high-quality sound with their videos.

A good microphone will help your video sounds clear and crisp. So it’s important that you invest in one before going any further into the world of smartphone vlogging.

Wireless micro can capture audio from a distance. I tend to use a wireless mic so much. Because it has some industry-standard audio features and quality build-in.

The Rode wireless go compact mic is the perfect microphone for vloggers who want to capture high-quality sound with their videos.

It has a built-in windscreen, which will help reduce background noise and feedback from your surroundings when you’re recording in loud places like concerts or sporting events that can ruin an otherwise great video if not taken care of properly beforehand

This external audio recorder captures HD uncompressed digital WAV files at up to 16 bits/44 kHz resolution. So it’s always best practice before plugging into any computer device (iPad) to use this first then transfer over wirelessly via Bluetooth connection as needed.

This way all data remains intact without distortion during the transmission process is a very important detail.

Below are the top five best microphones for vlogging on an iPhone. They have all been chosen as they are so loved and recommended by users on online review platforms like Amazon.

5 Best Rode Microphone For Smartphone Vlogging

  1. The Rode VideoMic Me: This is a great microphone for vlogging on an iPhone. It has been designed to be used with smartphones and it’s very easy to use, which makes this the perfect starter mic if you’re just starting out in your journey as a smartphone videographer or YouTuber. It comes complete with Rode VideoMic Me shock mount & carrying.
  1. The Rode SmartLav+: It’s a lav mic. It has a long wire so you can put it in your pocket or on a belt. It’s perfect for vloggers who are always moving around and want to capture the sound of their voices as they speak. It comes complete with Rode SmartLav+ shock mount & carrying case, windscreen (pop filter), USB cable & tripod adapter which is great if
  1. The Rode Wireless Go (Compact Mic): One of the most popular and the best wireless vlogging microphones. It comes with a compact transmitter, which is perfect for vloggers who want to capture their sound and video at the same time. It’s also easy to use so it can be your first choice if you’re just starting out in the wireless microphone world or YouTuber.
  2. The Rode VideoMic Go: This microphone is best for a DSLR camera. It’s a compact microphone with an easy to use interface. It has the same features as Rode VideoMic Pro, but it doesn’t have XLR output which is perfect for vloggers who want to capture their sound and video at the Same Time. The best thing about this mic that you can connect your camera directly without any
  3. The Rode VideoMic Pro+: This microphone is a professional microphone with a built-in battery. It has high-quality audio and is perfect for DSLR cameras.

The best thing about this mic is that you can connect your camera directly without any additional cables or adapters, which means it’s easy to use! You don’t need an external power source because the microphone comes with a built-in battery so there are no worries of low batteries

6. Smartphone Gimble For Better Stabilization

The Smartphone gimble is very popular and useful for vloggers. It helps you to stabilize your video and get a better shot without any shaking or movement from the camera.

The best thing about this gimble is that it’s compatible with most smartphones, so no matter what phone brand do have then there will be one for you!

The only downside of the smartphone gimbal are their price but if they can help make great videos then it’s worth investing in them because these products last a long time too.

Popular gimble manufacturers like DJI Osmo mobile 3 claim that their gimbals can last up to 20 hours of continuous use.

The best thing about this is that they’re compatible with most smartphones, so no matter what phone brand you have there will be one for your needs!

The only downside is the price but if these products help make great videos then it’s worth investing in them because their quality lasts a long time too and DJI claims theirs could go as high as twenty-four months without any issues or problems coming from prolonged usage.

7. Smartphone Case With Tripod Mount

A smartphone case that can mount on a tripod, selfie stick, or handlebars of a bike. This is great for vloggers who want to capture themselves without having the camera in their hands and it’s also good.

If you’re biking because your phone will be safe from any falls while capturing footage with this mounted device! You’ll need one extra accessory:

An adapter kit includes screws so make sure not to forget these when buying such cases online as they are usually sold separately.

But always worth investing in them since there isn’t much else needed other than just purchasing some screw sets too – unless otherwise stated by manufacturer instructions (which should come included).

These kits generally cost around $30-$40 dollars depending on where purchased at retail stores like BestBuy. But I will highly recommend you to buy these kinds of items from Amazon.

8. Smartphone Lens Kits

You can take clear pictures from far away distances without having to zoom in too much on your phone’s camera lens or using an external lens.

Moondog and Moment smartphone lens provides quality lens kits for your smartphone.

A lens kit is a set of lenses that can be attached to the camera on most smartphones, which will allow you to take pictures from far distances without having too much zoom in or using an external phone case with built-in cameras and/or microphones (which are usually sold separately).

They generally cost around $30-$40 dollars depending on where purchased at retail stores like BestBuy but I highly recommend buying these items through Amazon as they have better deals there than anywhere else online! You just put one over another until it fits securely onto my iPhone’s backside.

The Lens Kit by Moondog includes three different types; wide-angle fisheye, and anamorphic. But the moment has some of the best smartphone camera lenses.

The Lens Kit by Moondog includes three different types; wide-angle fisheye, and anamorphic. But the moment has some of the best smartphone camera lenses. The Moment also offers a great selection for those who are looking to shoot videos in portrait mode as well and they have many more options than just these two models.

I mentioned this here today so be sure you check them out if that’s what your vlogging needs require before making any decisions about which lens kit is right or not.

I hope this blog post was helpful enough with all my tips & tricks when it comes down to choosing between phone cameras vs DSLR Cameras because there really isn’t much difference at least from where we’re standing anyways.

9. External Compact Smartphone Lights

A smartphone camera can record videos up to 8k nowadays, But its low light performance is not very good. External compact smartphone lights can make a big difference to the quality of your videos and photos in low light situations like evening or indoors, which are perfect for vlogging.

You can check out my recommended gear page for the best and quality products in order to improve your video quality.

10. Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

This remote control is tiny and lightweight so it’ll be easy to carry with you everywhere. This wireless Bluetooth controller helps capture pictures and videos wirelessly. With the press of a button, you can take beautiful pictures without needing to touch your phone. This will help those who love vlogging but are far from their camera capture video footage as well.


The best vlogging equipment for iPhone and Android are the same. But these external vlogging gear and pieces of equipment can drastically improve your vlogging video quality. Thank you

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